Deja Q All Over Again vid-comic

Deja Q All Over Again Vid-comic


Qwark against Nefarious

Deja Q All Over Again was the fourth and supposedly last, Qwark Vid-Comic. In this Vid-Comic, Qwark defeated Nefarious in a battle to save Metropolis.


Uh-huh. Just a word of advice, Nefarious: quit while you're a head!
―Captain Qwark disposing of Nefarious's head.  [UYA]

Shortly after his first defeat of Dr. Nefarious back in Shadow of the Robot, Qwark retired to his flat in Metropolis for some rest, watching Lance and Janice. Helga visited him and sent him to the fitness course due to the weight he had put on, comparing him to a giant green bratwurst. Meanwhile, Dr. Nefarious unleashed a hoard of robotic insects to consume Metropolis and its citizens, a crisis Qwark eventually got caught up in and had to combat.

Dr. Nefarious revealed his then-new cybernetic form, and he faced off with his simple-minded nemesis, who immediately recognized Dr. Nefarious (however Qwark thought his only difference was he had 'changed his hair'). Qwark succeeded in destroying all but Nefarious's head, who swore revenge on Qwark and Metropolis. Qwark disposed of him in a trash can in response. Before the story could continue, the narrator reveals the script is missing a few pages. Qwark then knocks him out and takes over, declaring it the end of the story.


It was after playing this vid-comic that Ratchet and Clank (actually Klunk) realized that Nefarious would attack Metropolis again.

Behind the scenes

  • 'Deja Q' in the title is a reference to 'deja vu' (from French: déjà vu, literally meaning 'already seen'); in this sense probably the fact that Qwark had a feeling of defeating Nefarious before, the meaning of the phrase in English.
  • "Q" might also be used just because it is Qwark's initial.
  • "Deja Q" is the name of the 61st Star Trek episode. [1]