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Powerful shot that affects all targets. Weaker at long range.
―Weapon description  [Going Mobile]

The Defragmenter is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron Corporation in Going Mobile. In the Series 60 version it can be purchased after completing Data Mainframe. for 18000 bolts. It can be upgraded to level 3 with use.


The Defragmenter fires a blast that spreads, when it reaches the far side of the screen. The blast can penetrate through multiple walls, allowing the player to kill enemies without taking damage from behind them. The blast also penetrates through multiple enemies allowing in it to take out large groups of enemies at once. It is also extremely useful during the first phase of the final boss, since the final bosses armor consists of four different pieces that must be destroyed and the Defragmenter is the only weapon that can damage all the four armor pieces with one shot.

Although the Defrgamenter is not that powerful at first, when it is upgraded to level 3 it is capable of defeating almost every enemy with just two shots, however at level 3 the Defragmenter uses two ammo instead of one when fired thus reducing the ammo capacity to only 35.