Deep Space Jams was a radio station. When this station was selected, Ratchet could listen to smooth jazz or salsa as he piloted Aphelion or as he explored the moons in the five available sectors of the Breegus System in the game. The station was hosted by a D.J. named Maximillian Zane, who talked with a smooth tone of voice.


  • Nefarious once requested a song for Cassiopeia on Deep Space Jams. He also added a message to it saying: "I never thought I'd love again 'till I met you." The D.J. then replied to the message with "Well, it looks like this doctors speciality is love."
  • Talwyn once requested a song for Ratchet. She also added a message to it saying: "Ratchet, please be safe and come home soon." The D.J. then replied to the message with "You heard the lady. And now here's the next tune."


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