Hrugis Cloud

The Deep Space Disposal Facility in the Hrugis Cloud

The Deep Space Disposal Facility was located in the Hrugis Cloud in the Bogon Galaxy. It was a massive spherical space station, owned and operated by MegaCorp. It was here that MegaCorp disposed all of its unwanted waste, materials and experiments. It was guarded by a collection sentry turrets and maintained by a force of robotic Repair Drones.

During Ratchet and Clank's stay in the Bogon Galaxy, they were advised by a recording by James D. Fullbladder to dispose of the Protopet at the Deep Space Disposal facility. But after being given a false password, "Qwarktastic," the defense systems of the facility began firing on them and the duo were forced to destroy the armaments.

Hrugis Cloud was a space cloud located in the Bogon Galaxy. The Hrugis Cloud was home to MegaCorps's Deep Space Disposal Facility, a massive space station designed to liquidated junk and failed projects. The Hrugis Cloud was heavily guarded by MegaCorp, an anyone attempting to enter the facility without having the correct code was promptly vaporized.

Outside a few hundred million kilometeres away was a massive hot blue star, that can be seen through hrugis cloud's massive windows.


  • It was possible, through the use of a glitch, to fly through the walls of the Deep Space Disposal Facility, and fly into the void. [citation needed]
  • Captain Qwark, who posed as Fizzwigget, intentionally made the duo used a fake passcode in an attempt to have them killed by the defences.


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