Hrugis Cloud

The Deep Space Disposal Facility in the Hrugis Cloud

The Deep Space Disposal Facility was located in the Hrugis Cloud in the Bogon Galaxy. It was a massive spherical space station, owned and operated by MegaCorp. It was here that MegaCorp disposed all of its unwanted waste, materials and experiments. It was guarded by a collection sentry turrets and maintained by a force of robotic Repair Drones.

During Ratchet and Clank's stay in the Bogon Galaxy, they were advised by a recording by James D. Fullbladder to dispose of the Protopet at the Deep Space Disposal facility. But after being given a false password, "Qwarktastic," the defense systems of the facility began firing on them and the duo were forced to destroy the armaments.


  • It was possible, through the use of a glitch, to fly through the walls of the Deep Space Disposal Facility, and fly into the void. [citation needed]
  • Captain Qwark, who posed as Fizzwigget, intentionally made the duo used a fake passcode in an attempt to have them killed by the defences.


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