We'll take a tour of this secret facility on planet Daxx, home to some of galaxy's most insidious superweapons, including the dreaded Rainbow Afrolizer![Host
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Daxx was a tropical, oceanic planet in the Solana Galaxy. It was notorious for the production of various superweapons, such as dreaded Rainbow Afrolizer. During the Nefarious crisis, the planet was a major base of operations for Dr. Nefarious and his forces, whom built various weapons for his war against organic lifeforms, foremost being the Biobliterator, which was built at the Research Facility.


Whatever Nefarious is up to on Planet Daxx, it cannot be good.

Planet Daxx was infamous throughout the Solana Galaxy for the numerous superweapons that were built on the various islands that covered the planets ocean.

Daxx (1)

Panorama of Daxx

Dr. Nefarious would later set up the Research Facility here, where he attempted to bring about the Age of Robots by wiping out all squishies from the galaxy. Numerous weapons were built here, like the dreaded Rainbow Afrolizer, but the most insidious weapon constructed here was the Biobliterator, capable of transforming a squishy into a robot. This weapon would be key to his plans to succeed, which is why few details were revealed about it by Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence when they were interviewed by Supervillain Weekly during their tour of the Research Facility. When the weapon was completed, a large transport vessel arrived to transport it Obani Draco in the Zygan System for testing.

Besides building weapons for Nefarious, the facility also was used to edit Courtney Gears' Robots of the Galaxy song, which was urging robots across the galaxy to exterminate all organic life.

The Q-Force later were able to track a hologram of Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence (who had sent a warning message to the Q-Force) back to planet Daxx. Seeing the interview clip from Supervillian Weekly, they realized Dr. Nefarious was up to no good on Daxx, so Ratchet and Clank headed for Daxx to learn what was going on this tropical world.

When they arrived, they discovered that the facility housed two major computer terminals, one in the Harbor Station in the docks and one in the Main Building.

At the Docks, they encountered a Warship, which blew apart the Docks as it attempted to kill the duo from reaching the Harbor Station. Ratchet and Clank managed to out run the vessel, and they later blew the ship out the sky on a platform outside the Harbor Station. When they entered the Harbor Station, they saw the edited Robots of the Galaxy, and realized the Courtney Gears might be in league with Nefarious, and they planned to inquire about Nefarious's location from her by winning the grand prize at Annihilation Nation, on Station Q9.

In the Main Building, they blew through Nefarious's robot forces from Sector Five, Sector Three and finally until they reached the major computer terminal in Sector Nine. Clank looked through the terminal until he found what appeared to be the superweapon they were looking for: the Biobliterator. Unfortunately, all files about the functions of the weapon had been deleted, although they did learn the weapon had been moved to the Obani Moon System just yesterday. They realized they would to scour Obani's moons in order to find this weapon before it was too late.

Before they could leave Daxx, they received a call Skid McMarx, who was currently in charge of Starship Phoenix (much to Ratchet's & Clank's horror). Ratchet informed Skid McMarx that they planned to scour the Obani Moons for the weapon, but Skid McMarx insisted that he would join them to assist in their mission (much to Ratchet's and Clank's annoyance yet again).

Climate and Terrain

Daxx was tropical planet filled small islands that covered the vast the oceans of this planet.

Daxx's sunsets was described as quite lovely according to Lawrence and Dr. Nefarious.






  • Plumber trophy: Where you get the Charge Boots, on the right balcony you will see it.

Behind the scenes


There is a glitch on Daxx. If Ratchet destroyed the gunship before completing the first mission, he would jump ahead by a mission.

There's also a glitch that lets you jump directly to the titanium bolt by wall jumping, before even entering the main building (This can be done by finding the alley with a very tight cap, facing the camera towards the wall with two details, double jumping and then try to wall jump, then wall jump from one wall to the other and then grab onto the ledge. Then jump while holding the ledge and face towards the back wall of the alley. You are now in a glitched area that you are not supposed to be in, this has no effect on the game except graphical errors while on top of this wall. You can now simply jump and glide to the titanium bolt; however, be ware that it is impossible to go in through the roof, and that you have to get in between the railing and the roof)


Daxx was originally going to be inhabited by Daxx Beasts and Spike Shell Creatures, but these were later removed from the game. The Daxx Beasts proved too hard to program properly, and the Spike Shell Creatures were simply replaced by the Floranian Blood Flies.[1]


Planet Daxx?
Ratchet, UYA

Planet Daxx was named after one of Naughty Dog's game series character, Daxter, as "Dax" is one of his nicknames and is pronounced in the same way as the planet's name.[2]


  • Daxx was infamous throughout the Solana Galaxy for the numerous weapons that were developed there, including the Biobliterator and the Rainbow Afrolizer.


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