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The Darkstar Fission Tether (previously named the Darkstar Fission Rifle[1]) was a weapon that was most effective with a group. Electricity jumped between team member's rifles, creating electric "wires" that shocked enemies.[2] It was similar to the Tesla Spikes.

A4O weapon

Ratchet and Clank using an Elasta-Shock

The Elasta-Shock[3] is a weapon-like object shown at Gamescom 2010 that requires two team members to use. Once two team members each suck up one of the item's end nodes with a Vac-U 4000, electricity jumps between the ends, creating an electric "wire." Anything caught in between the nodes would be shocked by the wire.

The Elasta-Shock is a cut weapon like object from Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. The Darkstar Fission Tether, a confirmed weapon, does exactly the same thing.

The Elite Dark Fission Tether was the upgraded version of the Darkstar Fission Tether. It carried more electrical energy making the chain more shocking and powerful.



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