The entire population of that planet will be devoured.
Clank, about the Protopet catastrophe on planet Damosel, GC

Damosel was a mostly domestic planet, its capital being Allgon City. Damosel was one of the few planets to use hypnotism, which was outlawed on most planets in the Bogon Galaxy except Grelbin and Yeedil. In Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, Ratchet and Clank fought through Allgon City, a residential and commercial city of robots that had been overrun by Protopets, which multiplied at an accelerated rate. Extermibots were deployed to eradicate the infestation, but since their target data simply said "small and fuzzy," they were just as likely to attack Ratchet as well as the Protopets.

Damosel was covered in vast oceans and was potentially home to several landmasses, as many of the planet's cities were dome structures built above sea level.

Characters on Damosel

Damosel Allgon City

Ratchet on planet Damosel


Ratchet could have the Hypnomatic after finding all of its parts and pay it for 10,000 bolts. A Hypnomatic Part was hidden on the planet and could be collected through a grindrail.




  • Damosel's population appeared to be made up of mostly Space Tourist, however in the news report Billy can be seen running across the screen for a second, and the Hypnotist the duo meets is also a native of Damosel.
  • Damosel was covered in water, but Allgon City was constructed above the water.
  • Damosel looked like it had a North Pole when arriving there.
  • When the player got the Hypnomatic part there, a cutscene was triggered where Clank did a dance. The same dance was done by Daxter from the game Jak and Daxter.


  • Damosel may have been named after the phrase "a damsel in distress" because the planet was attacked by the Protopets. Alternatively, it could be derived from the word "dam," which means a large structure which barriers an area from water, which describes Damosel well due to its vast oceans and dome structures above sea-level.
  • Allgon City's name could be a pun, meaning that the city's population was being destroyed, referring to it being all gone.