Dallas Wanamaker
Remember: Don't try any of this at home; go to a friend's house!
―Dallas on DreadZone.  [Deadlocked]

Dallas Wanamaker[1] is the anchorman for DreadZone, Vox News and Supreme Machines, all of which were holovision shows broadcasted by the Vox Network. Largely unprofessional,he often flirted with his co-host Juanita Alvaro, would yawn or fall to sleep on air, diverge from the planned script, lose his composure (i.e. start crying) and would often ask inane questions, often about what was in the Special Sauce.[2]


Life before DreadZone

You know sometimes I think I should've have taken that job on Annihilation Nation, they have a great dental plan!
Dallas.  [Deadlocked]

At a later point in his life, Dallas's skills attracted the attention of Annihilation Nation, an arena organization located on Station Q9. They offered him a job at Annihilation Nation, hoping to have him be their announcer. Despite their requests, Dallas turned them down however, forcing Annihilation Nation to hire someone else. To this day, he regrets not taking the job offer from Annihilation Nation, as they had a great dental plan.[2]

At an undetermined point in Dallas's life, he was a married man; however, the relationship eventually turned sour and Dallas and his former wife were formally divorced. Dallas's later on compared her to the Dark Cathedral of Kronos, as they were both cold, dank and scary.[2][3]

Work on DreadZone

They say war is [bleep], Juanita, but where's that leave Dreadzone, huh?
Dallas  [Deadlocked]
Vox News

Dallas and Juanita presenting Vox News

Dallas later joined the Vox Network, where he was the anchorman for DreadZone, Vox News and Supreme Machines (from 8:45 and 9:15). For Vox News, DreadZone, The 'Zone and Galactic Glamour, he hosted with Juanita Alvaro. Dallas's was greatly attracted to his co-host, much to her annoyance, as she did not feel the same way. Together, they hosted several seasons of DreadZone along with the Vox Network's and various other news shows on Vox.

Both Dallas and Juanita would slander anyone who attempted to uncover the truth behind DreadZone, or just for the sake of higher ratings for the network.

During this time, he was still living in his mother's house.[4]

Missing Heros

This reporter smells something fishy here. Oh, wait, never mind. It's fish sticks day in the cafeteria!
―Dallas  [Deadlocked]
Just stick to the script, you moron.
―Juanita and Dallas on Ratchet's, Clank's and Big Al's appointment to the Starship Phoenix following Sasha Phyronix decision to become mayor of Metropolis.  [Deadlocked]

During the fifth season of DreadZone, Vox's goons managed to lure Captain Starshield to the lawless Shadow Sector, under the false pretenses of a fake distress signal that DreadZone had planted just for him. Starshield was one of many heroes native to Kerwan to have been abducted, throughout several months, heroes such as Quaternion X and The Brown Ranger had met similar fates, along with heroes elsewhere in the universe. Dallas Wanamaker claimed on The 'Zone that the kidnappings were staged by Sasha Phyronix, whom Dallas claimed was a "Zygonian robot vampire" and that she was responsible for abduction of heroes, whom she feasted upon. The remains of these heroes would then be hidden in a black hole located in the Cromquillian Nebulae, or so Dallas falsely claimed to viewers of The 'Zone. He and Juanita also claimed President Phyronix was involved in the controversy over the former mayor of Metropolis stepping down for taking illicit funds from the Amoeboid mafia, and he had installed Sasha as new mayor of Metropolis in order to cover up his involvement in the scandal. In addition to this claim, Dallas claimed Ratchet was put in charge of the Starship Phoenix in order to keep him away from Sasha until he could hook her up with Captain Starshield.[5]

Rise of Captain Starshield

Welcome sports fans to another edition of The 'Zone! We've got the latest DreadZone action comin' at you straight from the Shadow Sector, baby, and tonight's highlight reel is nonstop Starshield!
―Dallas Wanamaker on The 'Zone.  [Deadlocked]

Following Captain Starshields capture by DreadZone, he was promptly forced to become a gladiator for DreadZone. Starshield was different from any "contestant" they had captured in the past; for example, on his first day, he destroyed a years production of DZ Strikers. Dallas and Juanita covered his massive surge in the DreadZone rankings on The 'Zone, as he reached the Vindicator rank in less than a week. Dallas compared the number of records he broke in a short period of time on DreadZone to that of how long it takes for Tyllurian Lava Beast to devour spleens. Juanita and Dallas claimed Starshield was a voluntary contestant, though Dallas wasn't a very good liar since he when into too much detail of dismissing the rumors.[6]

Hydro Girl Gone Missing

Our inside sources say the Phoenix was headed to Aquatos where famed aquatic adventuress 'Hydro Girl' has recently disappeared. The young heroine apparently disappeared while helping to construct a shelter for baby lunar seals that were injured in a recent interplanetary tanker accident. *Yaaaaaaaawwwwn.*
―Dallas Wanamaker on Hydro Girl's disappearance.  [Deadlocked]

As time went, Juanita reported that Androids Are Forever had been postponed following Clank's return to the Starship Phoenix, much to Dallas's annoyance, since he couldn't figure out what could be more important then …"witty one-liners and revenge fantasies?" He then reported that the Phoenix had been heading to the watery world of Aquatos, the homeworld of Hydro Girl. Hydro Girl had been back on her homeworld helping baby Lunar seals by building them a shelter following a Zexxon tanker crash landing on the planet, but she oddly disappeared during some point during the entire ordeal (Dallas himself found this story entirely boring, since he yawned on air). Witnesses claimed they saw a"large, box-shaped ship with red triangular markings" just before she vanished. Dallas claimed Clank was a possible suspect for her disappearance, which Juanita seemed to agree with, claiming other networks were all losers. And speaking of losers, she stated it was time for Celebrity Harassment hour, which Dallas responded to by speaking her opening lines for this segment, which greatly annoyed her since they were her lines. She then discussed the current relationship of Ratchet & Sasha.[7]

Quadrant J0713

So, Juanita, it is now up to us to boldly speculate just what insidious mischief the crew of the Starship Phoenix is plotting.
―Dallas Wanamaker speculating with Juanita over the Phoenix's journey to Quadrant J0713.  [Deadlocked]

Later on, Dallas reported on The 'Zone that they had learned that the Starship Phoenix was heading warp speed toward Quadrant J0713, an unexplored and highly remote area of the galaxy thought to be devoid of any form of life. Dallas said reports said they were investigating a distress beacon, though Dallas's suspected they were up to something, causing Juanita to suggest the crew of the Phoenix had planted the distress beacon. Dallas's; however, decided to verge from the Holo-prompter, and suggested the distress signal might be genuine, claiming it could be first contact with an unknown alien race, an SOS signal from a vessel trapped in a dust cloud, or "a clever trap intended to capture Ratchet and force him to compete in a deadly underground combat sport for the entertainment of trillions of fans!‽" Juanita attempted to silence Dallas's by hitting him, and telling him to stick to the Holo-prompter. Dallas; however, only got turned on by Juanita, claiming he loved it when she played "rough." Juanita responded by hitting him in the spleen and told The 'Zone audiences members that DreadZone, its parent corporation or sponsors were no way involved, and these "mysterious disappearances" were just hyped lies from rival networks. Dallas mentioned that tonights episode would feature a new contestant that rhymed with "Splatchet," causing Juanita to hit Dallas again.[8]

Galactic Glamour Coverage: Courtney Gears

My heart goes out to that dear, poor, sweet girl, Juanita. It was bad enough that she was left in a smoldering pile of scrap, but then her record label had the nerve to dump her and replace her with Skid McMarx! Oh, the horror!
―Dallas on Courtney Gears.  [Deadlocked]

Both Dallas and Juanita both covered the return of Courtney Gears on Galactic Glamour, who had suffered a near death experience from an attack from two "psychotic fans" from her fan club. If that wasn't enough, Juanita stated some people had "spuriously" claimed she had been in league with Dr. Nefarious. Juanita insisted that she was ambushed by the psycho fans, who were still at large, while she was minding her own business in her Biobliterator Testing Laboratory. Dallas was particularly angered, not only because she was nearly destroyed, but also because her record company dropped her album and replaced it with spoken word poetry by Skid McMarx. Dallas claimed that while the album was profoundly moving, it didn't appeal to the all important robot teenage demography, or the equally important "Dallas demographic." After all Dallas insisted, "who of us out there hasn't been up at 3 am dancing to Robots of the Galaxy in our pink frilly underpants while our mothers are yelling from upstairs "Dallas, turn that music down or there'll be no choco-tarts for breakfast!" His co-host Juanita claimed she was going to be sick. Dallas chipped in, claiming fans of Courtney Gears were sick of waiting for her new album, Oops, I Got Vaporized By A Level 7 Shock Blaster!. Dallas assured fans of Courtney Gears that their wait was almost over, as the "altruistic philanthropist," Mr. Vox, had her repaired by a team of trained robotic surgeons in return that she "sign over all past and future rights to her music, her image, her name, her likeness, and her personal collection of Secret Agent Clank memorabilia," which Dallas claimed was a fair bargain.[4]

Captain Starshield vs Ace Hardlight

This is it! IT! The big I-T! The most explosive, destructive, mind-splitting, galaxy-shattering event in the history of holovised combat sports! Captain Starshield is just moments away from an epic showdown with the undefeated, unrivaled, and unscrupulous Exterminator grand champion, Ace Hardlight! I can't wait any longer! My heart is racing like a seven-legged sand shark! Feel it Juanita! Feel it beat! No? Fine, I'll feel yours. OWWWWWW! Say, is that a new brand of mace? It's kind of minty.
―Dallas discussing the upcoming battle between Starshield and Hardlight.  [Deadlocked]

Nearing the end of the fifth season of DreadZone, things were heating up as Captain Starshield was about to fight Ace Hardlight, the highest ranking, undefeated, champion gladiator and leader of the Exterminators. Dallas got so excited about the fight; he claimed his heart was beating like a Seven-legged sand shark, and he attempted to get Juanita to feel his heart pounding at the excitement. When Juanita showed no interest in feeling his heartbeat, he attempted to feel hers, resulting in him being maced by a minty flavored mace Juanita was carrying with her. Juanita stated she too was excited, especially to see "brave, handsome, sweet, virile, hunky Ace Hardlight." Dallas stated he got the picture, just like Ace Hardlight got the 72 pictures of her in his locker that said: "Call me, I'm desperate." Juanita got defensive and told Dallas to laugh it up, since she poisoned his coffee. Dallas responded that he thought the odd taste of his coffee was that of a new coconut-mango blend. After taking another sip, he realized it was poison, and promptly collapsed. Fortunately, he would have his stomach pumped in time to prevent a gruesome death.[9]

Showdown on Catacrom Four

A dramatic conclusion to one of the most exciting episodes of DreadZone I have ever seen!
―Dallas on Captain Starshield's and Ace Hardlight's dual.  [Deadlocked]

After quickly recovering from a near-death experience brought on by poison coffee, Dallas would cover the big dual between Captain Starshield and Ace Hardlight in the Valley of Heroes on planet Catacrom Four on a Pod. Near the climax of the dual, Starshield obliterated a patrol of three DZ Strikers hunting for him. After examining the area in which the three DZ Strikers were formerly standing, he heard Ace Hardlight say "Gotcha," causing him to turn around fast enough to see a blast of energy vaporize. With Starshield dead, Dallas came down in his Pod to announce that Ace Hardlight had won, stating he terminated a record number of contestants, 13, in the regular season alone.[2][10]

The Fifth Season of DreadZone comes to a close

Dallas and Juanita in the Battledome

Dallas and Juanita covering Ratchet's first DreadZone challenge aboard a Pod

Next up we have… uh… let's see what we have here… Ratchet? Err, I never heard of him. Well he probably just intermission stuff, folks!
―Dallas on Ratchet being the next contestant.  [Deadlocked]

Following Starshield's defeat, Dallas covered other matches going on the DreadZone Station with the Battledome. Dallas covered the showdown between Mobius Man and the Eviscerator. Mobius Man was no match for the Eviscerator, and was quickly cut down. Ratchet and his two bot allies, Merc and Green were next following Mobius Man's death, whom Dallas expected to not even last two rounds. Much to everyone's surprise, Ratchet and his allies were able to survive, thus allowing Team Darkstar to complete the Marauder Tournament and travel to Catacrom Four.[2][10]

The sixth season begins

Dallas and Juanita laughing.

Dallas and Juanita laugh at the misfortune of DreadZone "volunteer" gladiators aboard a DreadZone Blimp

Dallas was once again on Catacrom Four, this time with Juanita to cover yet another season of DreadZone, which they were both anxious about. Both he and Juanita had a good laugh over a number of contestants that "volunteered" on DreadZone. Aboard a DreadZone Blimp, Dallas mentioned the construction crew for DreadZone had really outdone themselves in transforming Catacrom Four's sacred robot burial ground, into a deadly DreadZone Battlecourse. After a short waiting period, Team Darkstar arrived, where they successfully survive hordes of DreadZone gladiators and Robot Zombies.[2]

Later, Dallas and Juanita covered Team Darkstar on the putrid swamp world of Sarathos, where they watched Team Darkstar hunt down the King Leviathan.[2]


While Team Darkstar headed toward planet Kronos, Dallas gave a Vox Sport Update, announcing that ShellShock had won the Extermination of the Day Award for his 360° Tomahawk finishing move on Plutonium Jones, also known as "The Muscle." Juanita agreed, claiming it was the third extermination of the season; however, Dallas corrected her, claiming The Omega Twins counted as two, so Shellshock's kill tally was really four rather than three. After Dallas corrected Juanita, Dallas interviewed ShellShock for comment. ShellShock told Dallas The Omega Twins went down like "wee little girly men," which Dallas found ironic since they were actually teenage girls. The interview ended quickly after ShellShock began to ask Juanita if she still wore Ace Hardlight Underwear, which caused Juanita to begin the Entertainment News segment of Vox News. Juanita once again highlighted Courtney Gear's remarkable recovery after she was attacked by two psychotic fans (now identified as Ratchet & Clank). Dallas remarked he felt sorry for Courtney Gears, stating "you know you just hate to see that kind of senseless violence." Juanita; however, soon became enraged at Ratchet & Clank, to the point of mauling a remote control in anger. Dallas attempted to remove the crazed Juanita away from the screen, claiming she might get her wish of having those two "evil doers" get whats coming to them, for they were about to face ShellShock on Kronos.[10]
Eat the Remote

Dallas preparing to knock Juanita off set after she began to eat the remote in anger


Later on, Dallas and Juanita covered Team Darkstar's battle in Dark City as they attempted to gain access to the Dark Cathedral. Despite Dallas's early claim that the course was easy, Team Darkstar not only managed to survive against hordes of enemies, but they defeat ShellShock as well.[2]

Dallas and Juanita on Vox News discussing the "Butcher of Bogon"

Dallas and Juanita cover Ratchet's recent rise on DreadZone as part of a segment on Vox News

The Tower of Power


Dallas falling asleep on live Holovision

Following ShellShock's defeat, Dallas and Juanita gave a Vox News Action Update on Vox News, where they discussed DreadZone's two newest contestants, Ratchet & Clank. Juanita told Vox News viewers that Ratchet was mafia crime boss, with Dallas in "disbelief" over why other networks referred to Ratchet as a hero. They then discussed his "evil" partner, Clank, with Dallas adding that he "never liked the look of him…" Dallas throughout the report was visibly bored, either checking his watch, yawning, coughing or even falling asleep. As Juanita discussed about Ace Hardlight's success over Captain Starshield, The Brown Ranger and Mad Monkey McKnight during this season, Dallas amused himself by spinning the chair around in circles until he fell over, only getting up just in time to sign off on the Vox News Action Update.[2][10]

Following ShellShock's defeat, Dallas and Juanita covered Team Darkstar success on climbing The Tower of Power, allowing Team Darkstar to enter into the Avenger Tournament.[2]

From Shaar and Orxon, to Team Darkstar's battle with Reactor

After making his fortune in selling cigarettes to children, Ratchet went on to pilot a tanker ship for Zexxon.
―Dallas on Ratchet's "shady" past.  [Deadlocked]

Before Team Darkstar moved on to the Shaar, Dallas and Juanita did a story about Ratchet and "his" sinister past. Dallas made a bogus claim about Ratchet making a fortune by selling cigarettes to children. Dallas then went on and stated that Ratchet "had" piloted a Tanker ship for Zexxon. Juanita chipped in, claiming Ratchet got drunk and crashed the spaceship into Aquatos (which was in reality none of his doing but rather someone else's), causing harm to baby Lunar Seals, such as Little Coco who died shortly following the accident.[2][10]

Dallas and Juanita later on covered Team Darkstar's success at blowing up the Temple of Shaar on planet Shaar.[2]

Dallas and Juanita also covered Team Darkstar's success at not only blowing up the Blarg's Orxon Mining Facility on Orxon, but also saving DreadZone fans trapped in Crowd Ships that were right in the path of harmful chemicals that had been released from the smoldering factory.[2]

Following Team Darkstar's success on both Shaar and Orxon, Dallas along with Juanita covered Team Darkstar's victory over Reactor, allowing Team Darkstar to enter into the Crusader Tournament.[2]

From the Valix Asteroid Belt to Torval

Please welcome our new Crusader!
―Dallas Wanamaker on Ratchet becoming a Crusader.  [Deadlocked]

Dallas along with Juanita covered Team Darkstar in the Valix Asteroid Belt, where they successfully managed to reactivate the Valix Lighthouse in time to prevent hundreds of ships from blindly crashing into the asteroids that litter the asteroid belt.[2]

Dallas and Juanita later on covered Team Darkstar on Torval, where they witnessed Team Darkstar's success at finding an escape pod under the Ace Hardlight Memorial.[2][11]

Ratchet vs. Eviscerator

Dallas and Juanita

Dallas flirting with Juanita on Vox News while she discusses Ratchet's "evil past."

Following Team Darkstar's success at Valix Asteroid Belt and Torval, Dallas and Juanita covered recent DreadZone events on Vox News. After Juanita discussed famous heroes that had died so far, the topic once again moved toward Ratchet. Much to both Dallas's and Juanita's surprise, the "scrappy sucker" known as Ratchet, had managed to not only survive, but rise in rank on DreadZone. Dallas told DreadZone fans (including children, dolphins and whatnot) that they wouldn't need to worry about Ratchet for long, since his next challenger was the Eviscerator in this week's Exterminator Smackdown.[2][10]

After Team Darkstar completed the various challenges that needed to be completed in order to fight the Eviscerator, Dallas introduced Ratchet to DreadZone fans once again. He announced to DreadZone fans that Ratchet was well known for "his exploits in organized crime, his dabbling in the occult and his hatred of sunshines, puppies and chocolate," in yet another attempt to paint Ratchet as some sort of monster. Despite the slandering from Dallas, Ratchet defeated the Eviscerator, allowing him and the rest of Team Darkstar to access the Vindicator Tournament.[2][10]

From Stygia to Maraxus

Please welcome our new Vindicator!
―Dallas on Ratchet becoming a Vindicator.  [Deadlocked]

Both Dallas and Juanita covered Team Darkstar on planet Stygia, where they witnessed Team Darkstar reactivate the Tempus Station that DreadZone had deactivated, saving the people of Stygia from being bombard by incoming meteors.

Dallas and Juanita, later on, monitored Ratchet's progress in freeing both Merc and Green from the Maraxus Prison on planet Maraxus.[2]

Ratchet vs. Ace Hardlight

Following Team Darkstar's success on Maraxus, Dallas along with his co-host, Juanita, did another special on Vox News. Dallas told DreadZone fans that Ratchet had brutally taken down Exterminators, ShellShock, Reactor and the Eviscerator. Juanita followed up with a report about Ratchet's "dark, sinister, evil past" (consisting entirely of lies and half-truths). After Juanita broke down over Ratchet's evil "past" and poor hygiene, Dallas embraced Juanita with a hug, claiming there was one man that could put an end to Ratchet, Ace Hardlight. As soon as Dallas said Ace Hardlight, Ace Hardlight appeared on the screen of Vox New's News Room, causing Juanita to shove Dallas out the way while Ace Hardlight monologued about how he was going to take care of Ratchet for the remainder of the Vox News broadcast.[2][10]

Dallas and Juanita later covered the highly anticipated dual between Ratchet & Ace Hardlight, which Dallas claimed was the type of match up that made him happy in not pursuing a career as a ballet dancer (Dallas was also smacked in the face around this time by Juanita when he put his hand on her legs). After Juanita introduced Ace Hardlight, Dallas introduced Ratchet to DreadZone yet again, stating Ratchet weighed in around 97 1/2 pounds (which Dallas mostly attributed to fluff and fat), angering Ratchet greatly. After the two champions were introduced, Ratchet and Ace Hardlight battled won another, which ended when Ratchet defeated Ace Hardlight.[2][10]

The Gauntlet of Doom

My friends, it is a black day for DreadZone fans across the galaxy. Ace Hardlight, champion Exterminator, and respected philanthropist, was brutally cut down by the manic contestant known as Ratchet, a.k.a The Butcher of Bogon!
―Dallas on Ratchet's win over Ace Hardlight.  [Deadlocked]

Following Ace Hardlight's alleged death, Dallas and Juanita did another special on Vox News. Dallas claimed it was a dark day for DreadZone fans across the galaxy, as a champion exterminator and respected philanthropist was killed by the "manic" contestant known as Ratchet, or as Dallas called him, "The Butcher of Bogon." Whether Dallas was aware that Ace Hardlight was not dead or not is entirely unknown. Dallas and Juanita then showed images of fans showing their "outrage" over Ratchet's win, with Dallas attempting to portray Vernon's cheering toward Ratchet's win over Ace Hardlight as a call for vengeance toward the Lombax. Dallas and Juanita then showed a clip of Gleeman Vox's response to Ace Hardlight "death," which mostly consisted of Vox trying to sucker people into buying Ace Hardlight Action Figures. After they showed the clip of Gleeman Vox's response, Juanita showed footage of "Ratchet" using banned performance-enhancing drugs. Dallas added that such usage of these banned performance-enhancing drugs required Ratchet to complete the Gauntlet of Doom (a DreadZone Battlecourse determined to be mathematically unbeatable), according to DreadZone regulation. Dallas informed DreadZone fans this special broadcast of DreadZone would be aired tomorrow night only on DreadZone.[2][10]

Much to Dallas's surprise, Team Darkstar was able to complete the unbeatable DreadZone Deathcourse.[2]

Countdown to doom

When Gleeman Vox realized what Team Darkstar had figured out how to free the other heroes, he set the DreadZone Station to explode, as well as forcing Dallas and Juanita to put on Deadlocked Collars to prevent them from fleeing. Dallas told DreadZone fans this was final episode of DreadZone before he broke down, stating he had plans on becoming a ballet dancer, causing Juanita to smack him across to face to shut him up. After Dallas had regained his self-control, he told the audience that Ratchet faced his toughest challenge yet, to get past the Control Level's defense's to free the trapped heroes, and defeat Gleeman Vox (who was currently monitoring Team Darkstar's progress from a remote location). Dallas also thanked Ratchet on the air for being a "great role model, and a pillar of our community!" as well as claiming "If anyone can save us, its you Ratchet!"[2][10]

During Team Darkstar's trek through the Control Level, Dallas broke down and called out for his mommy, claiming he didn't want to …"go bye, bye!" when the DreadZone Station exploded. Juanita was greatly embarrassed and proceeded to mock Dallas by acting like his mother. Dallas recovered his composure and claimed he thought Juanita's impression of his mother was very sexy. Later on, Dallas decided to come clean about some actions he had made in the past. Dallas first admitted to setting fire Timmy Aberdeen's backpack as part of prank, he claimed he was sorry that Aberdeen wasn't able to get the backpack off in time. He also admitted that he had put a Tyhrranoid in Susie Beakleton's locker as part of yet another prank; he heard her therapy was working well for her. Finally, he apologized to Juanita for the six years she was exposed to his rude jokes, harassing innuendo, and his "friendly" pinches of Juanita on the elevator, although he claimed she "loved" the stuff he did to her.[2][12]

Showdown with Vox

Dallas Wanamaker, along with his co-host, Juanita, covered Team Darkstar's battle with Gleeman Vox, who had returned to the DreadZone Station in a Giant Mech to finish them off. During the fight, Dallas began to worry that Vox would defeat Ratchet, which would cost him 500 bolts since he wagered Ratchet would win the fight. Juanita was shocked that Dallas was gambling when their lives were at stake, causing Dallas's to get furious at her, claiming Juanita never cared before, causing him to burst a blood vessel, again.[2]

Escape Juanita and Dallas

Wo ha ha ho! Check out that explosion! That was awesome!
Vernon  [Deadlocked]
Lets do it again!
Lucy  [Deadlocked]
Move, its mine turn to look!
Eugene  [Deadlocked]
No its MY turn you, little brats! Go on, get out here, don't you know how to respect your elders‽
―Dallas Wanamaker  [Deadlocked]
Lucy  [Deadlocked]
OW! Did you see what she just…AAAHHH!!!!
―Dallas Wanamaker being attacked by Vernon, Lucy and Eugene.  [Deadlocked]

Just before Ratchet defeated Vox, an Escape Shuttle carrying Clank, Big Al, Venus, Vernon, Lucy, Eugene and the two Test-Bots arrived and picked up Dallas and Juanita, before picking up Ratchet, Merc, Green and Slugga as the DreadZone Station neared the countdown for self-destruction. By the time the DreadZone Station did blow, the Escape Shuttle was miles away when the massive explosion ripped the station apart. Vernon told Lucy and Eugene to check out the explosion of DreadZone Station, causing Eugene to get grumpy, claiming it was his turn to look out the Escape Shuttle's window. To the surprise of all three children, Dallas claimed it was his turn to look, and told them to bug off and respect their elders. Lucy responded by smacking Dallas in the face, which caused Dallas to wine to Juanita about what she did. Dallas didn't bother to pay attention to what Eugene and Vernon were up to, and Dallas was caught off guard when Eugene grabbed his two antennas, while Vernon jumped on Dallas, knocking him out for a while while everyone had a good chuckle over it. Following the incident with the three children, Dallas stayed aboard the Escape Shuttle as it headed for planet Aquatos following Hydro Girl's invite for Ratchet to visit her.[2][10]

Epilogue - Juanita and Dallas

Dallas with Juanita in an episode of Juanita and Dallas

At a much later point, Dallas and Juanita became stars of a new Holovision show called Juanita and Dallas, which can be seen on weekdays at 9:00 Galactic savings time. In attempt to get high ratings, Dallas and Juanita were supposed to get married within the show; however, Dallas swapped the fake priest on the show with a real one, making Dallas's and Juanita's marriage real. As of now, Dallas and Juanita live in a "blissful" marriage together, with Juanita always trying to kill Dallas with a variety of booby traps and weapons; in one such episode, it consisted of bear traps, an anvil, a bomb and The Harbinger.[2]


I think explosions are pretty!
―a musing from Dallas Wanamaker.  [Deadlocked]

Dallas Wanamaker was by far one of the more eccentric characters of Deadlocked as well as the Ratchet & Clank series altogether.

Much like Juanita, Dallas enjoyed the violence that came with DreadZone, although he wasn't as bloodthirsty as Juanita, who was clearly addicted to the violence while Dallas merely thought it was amusing at times. This was evidenced throughout the game at several points; for example, Dallas jokingly compared the splattering of DreadZone contestants blood into the stands of one Battledome challenge (which revolves around completing a course on time to prevent the Deadlocked Collar from exploding) to that of visitors getting sprayed by water at Aqua World. Ironically at times, he shows signs of being disgusted by the violence he witnesses; several times throughout the game he plans on calling his children to stop watching DreadZone because of gratuitous violence, just as soon as he has kids. Another time in the game, he mentions he hates to see that kind of …"senseless violence." in regards to Courtney Gears being attacked by Ratchet & Clank.[2]

Dallas also shared sadistic tendencies like his co-host Juanita, as evidenced by how he laughed with Juanita over contestants "volunteering" to become DreadZone gladiators, when he knew in reality they were all hostages of Vox. He also made fallacious statements on a daily basis as part of his job as an anchorman for Vox News, The 'Zone, DreadZone and Galactic Glamour. Whether it be being slandering Ratchet as person who …"sold cigarettes to children…" or claiming Mr. Vox was a …"altruistic philanthropist…", Dallas would tell big lies repeatedly as part of his job as an anchor for several holovision shows on the Vox Network.[2]

Unlike Juanita however, Dallas would throw out complements to DreadZone gladiators from time to time (Juanita never really cared for any DreadZone gladiator, except for Ace Hardlight of course), even toward Ratchet when he impressed him, which often occurred due to Dallas always underestimating Ratchet's abilities. Dallas would never compliment Ratchet on Vox News however.[2]


Why, Why, I'm too pretty to die!
―Dallas Wanamaker in fear for his life.  [Deadlocked]
Dallas full

Dallas Wanamaker was a member of an unnamed sapient species, off which Dallas Wanamaker and his mother are the only known members of said species seen or mentioned in Ratchet & Clank universe.

Dallas Wanamaker was tall and slender easily surpassing Juanita Alvaro in height. Dallas skin was green with black colorations of green located on parts of his body. Much like many characters in the series, he had three fingers.[2]

Dallas's face displayed several noticeable characteristics, he had two antenna on his head, elf like ears, a nose full of ridges and brown hair. Juanita claimed Dallas's hair was in reality a wig. Dallas; however, stated it was natural, even asking her to touch it so that he could prove it was in fact real. Juanita felt it, and responded that she was amazed with "what they can do with hair plugs these days."[13] Whether Dallas's hair is natural or just hair plugs remains unknown.[2]

Dallas was always seen throughout Deadlocked in a blue suit with a white shirt underneath, all of which was accompanied by a red tie. Dallas also had a pair of black shoes.[2]

Dallas was also known to wear pink-frilly underpants.

Other Appearances

Ratchet & Clank Manga: Volume 2

Dallas manga

Dallas Wanamaker in Ratchet & Clank Manga: Volume 2.

Dallas Juanita manga

Dallas and Juanita covering an episode of DreadZone

Much like that of Ratchet: Deadlocked, Dallas Wanamaker serves as anchorman for DreadZone along with his cohost Juanita Alvaro.

Unlike many other characters that were featured in the Ratchet & Clank Manga, his general appearance of that of Deadlocked and Ratchet & Clank Manga are very similar to one another. The only noticeable difference between the two is their antenna sizes, as the Ratchet & Clank Manga's of Dallas Wanamaker has a smaller antenna then that of Dallas Wanamaker in Deadlocked.

Behind the scenes

Voice Actor

154px-Daran Norris

Daran Norris, the voice of Dallas Wanamaker

Dallas Wanamaker was voiced by Daran Norris, who also voiced the Narrator. Daran Norris is best known for voicing Mr. Turner in the Fairly OddParents


When Ratchet makes his first appearance DreadZone, Dallas claims he never heard of him.[10] Yet during The 'Zone broadcasts before Ratchet was kidnapped by DreadZone, he is clearly aware of who Ratchet is.

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Concept Art of Dallas Wanamaker

Oh no, guess whose imprisoned and left to die in an icy crave, its Hydro Girl! Ho ho, I bet you wish you returned my phone calls now!
―Dallas Wanamaker on Hydro Girl being trapped in the Meteor Temple of Shaar.  [Deadlocked]

According to one cut audio recording, Dallas left messages for Hydro Girl, but she never returned his calls. Later on when Hydro Girl was freezing to death in the Meteor Temple of Shaar as part of DreadZone course, Dallas remarks that she probably wished she had returned his phone calls in light of her current situation.[14]

From that same cut audio file, Dallas informed DreadZone fans and Hydro Girl (who couldn't hear Dallas talking) that he had stolen Hydro Girl's X-Ray Sunshades.[14]

In another cut audio files, it was mentioned that Dallas once threw a Dallas Loves Everything Charity Event, with ShellShock being hired to be the door greeter. Those that donated more money toward this event were beaten up less by ShellShock then those that didn't donate as much when they left the charity.[15]


  • Dallas regrets at times for not taking that job at Annihilation Nation, since they had a great dental plan.
  • Dallas once saw the Diablo in the pale moon night, which he exclaimed was fantastic.
  • Dallas originally had dreams of becoming a ballerina, and blurted this about himself when DreadZone Station was self-destructing.
  • Dallas once put a Tyhrranoid in[Susie Beakleton's locker as part of prank, which so terrified her she had to undergo therapy. Dallas later apologised during the fight to destroy the Central Core of DreadZone Station, and he also mentioned that he heard the therapy was going well for her.
  • Dallas once set fire to Timmy Aberdeen's backpack as part of a prank. Unfortunately, Timmy Aberdeen wasn't able to take off his backpack in time, and was thus consumed by the flames.
  • Dallas was known to have burst a blood vessel during Ratchet's fight with Gleeman Vox, because Jaunita kept criticizing Dallas for gambling when their lives were at stake. Dallas angrily responded that Juanita never cared about him, before he burst one of his blood vessels. This isn't the first time he burst a blood vessel either.



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