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The term "Cyclophic monkey" is conjectural. The real name is unknown, and a non-canonical nickname or title is used instead. See the reasons for this title in the "Behind the scenes" section below and/or the relevant discussion on the talk page, if they exist.


Cyclophic monkey was a native and endaggered spieces to Florana. They were primates who only had only one eye, their behavior were just like that of real-life monkeys, as they also enjoyed eating bananas.

After Qwark's parents were killed by defective Technomite technology, the orphaned Qwark was adopted and raised by cyclophic monkeys on Florana and also became their leader because of the tribal mask he wore. Qwark befriended a monkey named Skrunch, who became his sidekick and a member of the Q-Force.


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