A Cyclobomber on Axiom City, Planet Terachnos.

Cyclobombers were one of the four basic classes of Nefarious troopers, serving as the minions of Dr. Nefarious and Lord Vorselon. They were related to Splitterbots, Arc Strikers, and Protoguards. Like its cousins, they had an oval shaped, green, mechanical "brain" that was connected to the top of its red body, which was almost completely covered by one giant robotic eye.[1]

The Cyclobombers usually stayed at a distance away from Ratchet and attacked him by shooting lasers upward, towards the sky, which would land on the spot that he was on. They would also melee him if he came too close.[1]

After arriving on Vorselon's Warship in order to save Alister Azimuth, the robotic troopers were replaced with stronger Chronoguard variants, taking more hits to destroy them and were blue with silver armor instead of red and orange.[1]

One was first seen in the Great Clock, and the others were first encountered on Axiom City, Planet Terachnos.[1]


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