Ratchet: They said your body was beyond repair!
Big Al: No biggie; I got a new one. Check this out!
Ratchet talking to a new, cyborg Big Al. [Deadlocked]

Flint Vorselon, a Terraklon cyborg

A cyborg was a formerly organic being that was later given synthetic body parts, be it for survival or personal choice. In the Ratchet & Clank series, some cyborgs were simply organisms with a few robotic appendages, while others had a mainly mechanical body which they depended on for survival.

Notable cyborgs


  • President Phyronix once claimed to Darla Gratch he was half robot, following demographic research done by his reelection campaign, which showed that the galactic population would be 100% robot a week following the first Biobliterator attack on Metropolis. In reality, the so-called "robot half" consisted of a mask which he put on his face for the interview with Darla, in the hope of fooling potential robot voters he was a cyborg.[1]


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