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The CryoMine Glove was a GrummelNet-reengineered weapon that was invented by Ratchet's father, Kaden.[1] It tossed out mines, which moved towards enemies and instantly froze them, leaving them open for attack. This weapon was very similar to the Hunter Mine Launcher. At V4, the weapon could hold up to twelve mines at once. After killing a frozen enemy, the enemy burst into multiple shards of ice.

When upgraded to V5, it became the Blizzard Mine Glove.

GrummelNet Preview

"The CryoMine Glove is the perfect marriage of GrummelNet technology and Lombax ingenuity. If enemies get the drop on you, simply toss a few out onto the battlefield. The mines will home in on any foe unlucky enough to wander within range and… Brrrrr! Now that's cold! The CryoMine Glove. Available only at GrummelNet!"

Weapon summaries

A handy little glove that launches CryoBombs that flash freeze enemies. Freeze an enemy and then give them a whack - they may well crack up.
―Instruction Manual Weapon Description  [ACiT]


Notes and references

  1. Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time - While using the CryoMine Glove in Krell Canyon, Alister tells Ratchet that Kaden invented it.

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