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The prototype crotchitizer

The Crotchitizer (or Crotchetiser in some versions) was a gadget in the testing stages of development by MegaCorp shortly after the Protopet crisis.[1] It was a square block with a spinning globe shaped object on the top. It had three rollers which moved it nearer to the user. At a later date, Clank found a still-warm pocket crotchetizer at Captain Qwark's escape pod on Zeldrin.[2] It was a portable version of the device, known as the B20 Crotchitizer. It is assumed that the crotchitizer is used for self-pleasure.


Crotchitizer Testing

Crotchitizer Testing

Qwark testing the Prototype Crotchitizer

A prototype of the Crotchitizer was tested by Qwark in the final events of Going Commando. Although nothing is directly said or shown about its general use, the clip in Going Commando shows that the prototype caused a lot of pain and that it most likely twisted, and then pulled the user's crotch.[3]

Hoolefar IslandEdit

During Ratchet's stay on Hoolefar Island, the mayor Barnabus Worley and various other Hoolefoids possibly thought that he was a used Crotchitizer salesman.[4]

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 OneEdit

After defeating Commander Spog, Ratchet, Clank, Captain Qwark, and Nefarious repaired his newly damaged voice chip in order for him to answer a question to help them destroy Ephemeris. When Clank said he knows someone who could repair it (meaning Nefarious), Captain Qwark stood out and said that he could help because he recently modified his crotchitizer with a vibrating function he called "the Happy Platypus."

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Qwark was in a MegaCorp testing laboratory; therefore, it is a prototype.
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  4. One of the responses available to a question asked by the mayor is "A used crotchitizer salesman."