Croid Bot

Croid Bots[1] were robots built by Dr. Croid to guard his outpost. Each one was piloted by an Operator, and they were all loyal to Dr. Croid. They could be found in Terrawatt Forest and Phonica Moon. They fired beams at Ratchet, Clank, Qwark, and Nefarious, making it tough to dodge them in close quarters. They were also able to fly short distances, although the Flying Croid Bot could fly for longer periods of time. The latter were only encountered while riding the Guardians in Terrawatt Forest.


Croid Bots were particularly strong enemies, as Dr. Croid had designed them to counter the creature collectors' army. They were almost impossible to attack at close range as their long magnet arms could quickly grab one of the heroes and shoot him at another hero, causing damage to both of them. At long range, they fired blue energy blasts or a quick blue laser beam which could often take players by surprise, and the laser beam was hard to dodge. The best way to defeat a Croid Bot was to attack it at long range with heavy weaponry such as the Warmonger or by stunning it with the Arc Lasher to make it more vulnerable to any attack.     



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