The Minion Training Center was an institute built by Ephemeris near the Aldaros Plains on planet Magnus, with the purpose to design and train new minions to become part of his army.

The segment of Aldaros Plains, Detention Cell, took place within the training centre.


The Creature Collector kidnapped the heroes in Luminopolis and brought them to the training centre. A small Tharpod girl named Susie found the heroes suspended from wires inside a large atrium within the center. She brought the heroes down from wires using a Vac-U on a power plunger.

They decided to rendezvous with Susie at the end of Sector Seven of the training center, in which they disguised themselves as minions. The robotic guide, Steward led them through many training areas. After completing the training exercise that involved using the Hookshot, they found four Vac-Us left by Susie.

Steward recognised these Vac-Us and initiated tutorial program Alpha-Two-Four, which trained minions on using the Vac-U.

After completing all the operations, the heroes met up with Susie and escaped from the training center and ended up outside in the torn apart Aldaros Plains.


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