Tachyon's fighters have locked onto to our position!
Aphelion on Tachyon fighters.  [ToD]

Cragmite Armadas were fleet of Cragmite ships consisting of various vessels, including Cragmite Drop Ships,[1] while the Cragmite Empire contained Tachyon as the only Cragmite, the Imperial Army utilized Tachyon fighters piloted by Drophyds.[2]


Cragmite Armadas presumably fought in the Great War.

After Tachyon was able to free enough Cragmites from Dimension X2-49 using the Dimensionator, a Cragmite Armada was free to wreak havoc across Polaris Galaxy once again. The freed Cragmite Armada promptly invaded Meridian City on planet Igliak, although they were later repulsed by Ratchet and Clank, the Cragmite Drop Ships managed to decimate a quarter of Meridian City.


Notes and references

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