Toxic Crab

Crabs, also known as toxic crabs, were hostile, mutated crabs in the Solana Galaxy, native to planet Gaspar and planet Pokitaru. They had giant claws which they would strike at any of their foes as well as a very strong shell.


Crabs relied on their strong, sturdy shells to protect them from foes. They wielded giant claws which they used to strike at enemies. These claws were black, unlike the rest of their bodies and shells, which were light brown and red.

Crabs were fast, nimble, and agile creatures, often staying in groups. When there was no danger around, they often stayed on the ground, sleeping.

Artwork Character Toxic Crab

Concept art


The Crabs live in the telepathopus fields of planet Gaspar, where they dwell on the numerous desert islands and cliffs, often far away from the dangerous telepathopi.

The Crabs would also reside in the Torgoth Waterfall of planet Pokitaru, along with darters and coral telepathopi.


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