Well, she's not the hottest pop star in the Galaxy because of her singing.
Ratchet, explaining her success to Clank  [UYA]

Courtney Gears was a robotic pop star. She was a big supporter of the "Destroying the organic life forms" movement. In the year 5356 she was considered the hottest pop star in the Solana Galaxy. She lost her popularity after the scandal with Nefarious, however.


Let's see if you can fight better than you can sing.
―Ratchet  [UYA]

When Courtney Gears was considered the hottest pop star of the galaxy, she starred in many music videos and gave out awards to participants who won Annihilation Nation challenges.

Nefarious Courtney

Courtney with Nefarious

When Ratchet and Clank realized she had a connection with Nefarious, they attempted to obtain information from her about Dr. Nefarious's whereabouts. They quickly realized that Courtney had allied herself with Nefarious and that she was using her music in order to convince robots to join Nefarious, with her number one hit "Robots of the Galaxy" being an anti-squishy song with references to how Nefarious would soon lead all robots into a new era by wiping out all organic life.

Courtney Gears

Courtney Gears and her backup dancers

Clank attempted to gain information on Nefarious from her by allowing her to play The Baroness in the latest episode of Secret Agent Clank, her role being a damsel in distress kidnapped by Maxmillian and held hostage by the Terror of Talos; however, after filming was complete and Clank attempted to obtain information on Nefarious she used an energy blast from her eyes to knock Clank out so that she could deliver him to her "snooky wookums." She then sat on Nefarious's desk as he discussed his plans with Clank, and his hope to have the small robot join him in his conquest; however, Clank refused and was replaced with Klunk. Later, on Nefarious's orders she captured the Q-Force member Skid McMarx and turned him into a robot in her Biobliterator Testing Laboratory on Obani Draco as a test to see if Nefarious's invention was complete. Later, when Ratchet arrived to save Skid she fought him with her backup dancers in her recording studio. She was defeated and proceeded to pass out after, stating, "No! My fans can't live without me!" upon her defeat. She later can be seen on a calendar when Captain Qwark dresses up as a woman and asks the Supernova Taxi Driver, whose office the calendar could be seen in, to save him. She is later seen again in the final Captain Qwark vid-comic when Qwark dreams of flirting with her until he wakes up.

Between Up Your Arsenal and Deadlocked

Following her confrontation with Ratchet on Obani Draco, the damaged Courtney Gears was saved by Gleeman Vox, a business owner who ran a business empire within the confines of the Shadow Sector. Under his close supervision, Mr. Vox monitored her reconstruction closely while his specialized robotic surgeon team repaired her. Thanks to Mr. Vox's support, Courtney made a full recovery, which both The 'Zone and Vox News covered. In return for funding her recovery, Mr. Vox asked for Courtney Gears to "sign over all past and future rights to her music, her image, her name, her likeness, and her personal collection of Secret Agent Clank memorabilia" to him, according to Dallas Wannamaker's report on The 'Zone.[3] Vox News also claimed Courtney Gears was the victim of nasty rumors involving her involvement with Nefarious, claiming she was merely "minding her own business" in her Biobliterator Testing Laboratory.

However, the scandal of her connection to Nefarious's plan apparently brought her to a career low, where her record label dropped her in favour of Skid McMarx's spoken word poetry.[3]


Courtney Gears gladiator

Courtney Gears after she recovered from Up Your Arsenal

According to Vox News commentator Juanita, her defeat by Ratchet and Klunk (pretending to be Clank) was reported on Galactic Glamour as a deranged attack by two members of the Courtney Gears fan club, with later coverage on Vox News stating that the two "deranged fans" were, in fact, Ratchet and Clank, which Vox was attempting to slander.

She frequented the Kronos School for the Inept to complete market research for her next album, where she met Dull "Reactor" Bookworm. Their love of cafeteria food brought them together, although she apparently did not like him very much. At around this time, she starred alongside him in Reactor: Rise of the Sociopathic Bloodlust.[3]

After a month, Courtney could not keep up with Dull's slow and boring life, and dumped him. Dull immediately got himself a nuclear explosive implanted into his chest, becoming Reactor, and joined the DreadZone circuit, earning fame, fortune, an explosive personality and, most importantly to Courtney, money. After these events, Courtney immediately got back with him, claiming that she loved him and was always there for him. Of course she only did this due to his new celebrity status.

She was later involved in another scandal where she was known to have had a sexually explicit "tag team" video leaked onto the HoloNet. Captain Qwark mentioned having seen this exact video. It was also stated that she had found time to record a new album, Don't Hurt Me Like That.

A Crack in Time

Cassiopeia mentioned at one point that Courtney was still one of Nefarious's subordinates, suggesting that she still continued to be allied with him when he resurfaced in the Polaris Galaxy.

Character Details

Family and significant relations

Courtney was known to have a crush on Nefarious during his anti-squishy movement. Qwark also claims to have been in an intimate relationship of some sort with her in the past, and she later dated Reactor until his death for his money.


Courtney Gears is a very manipulative character. While on the outside, she has the attitude and personality of a typical pop star and is seen as sweet and innocent, besides in some of her her explicit and suggestive music videos. When working with Nefarious however, her darker side was shown. When talking to Clank in Up Your Arsenal, she was extremely flirty and seductive to Clank, stating she had a concern that needed his "personal investigation", in order to manipulate him to get a role on his show and then again to get him to drop his guard so that she could take him to Nefarious.

Courtney Gears is a gold digger, going after anyone with money or power, as demonstrated by her flirting with Clank, and later by getting back together with her ex, Reactor, for his money.


Courtney Gears is a human-like robot appearance-wise. She has brown hair with a red band, and she has yellow eyes, light-gray metallic skin, and she wears a red long-sleeved top which shows her navel. She also has black mini-shorts underneath a red mini-skirt, and she wears red wedges.


The only official Courtney Gears song to appear throughout the series is the "Robots of the Galaxy" song from Up Your Arsenal, but was known to have recorded many more. Robots of the Galaxy is said to be her number one hit. It reappears in Deadlocked when Big Al is seen dancing to it, and in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction on several screens on the IRIS computer. In a Vox News Update on the old Insomniac Games website, Dallas mentions dancing until 3AM in the morning to it in just his frilly pink underwear, while his mother shouted at him to turn it off.

Concept - Courtney Gears

Early concept art of Courtney Gears

Albums and singles


Outside direct combat, she was shown to be able to use a powerful static shock from her eyes to temporarily knock Clank unconscious.

While fighting, despite being a singer and dancer, Courtney could hold her own in a fight. She could teleport, fire energy blasts, throw energy discs and fire electric shockwaves. She could also perform spinning kicks and was able to summon her backup dancers to assist her.

Acting career

Courtney Gears played The Baroness in an episode of the Secret Agent Clank holo-vision series.

She also appeared as an actress in the following movies:

  • Reactor: Rise of the Sociopathic Bloodlust (cinematic debut)
  • Mandles, Sandals For Men: The Saga Continues


  • Courtney Gears is a parody of female pop singer Britney Spears, and her name is a play on that of Britney Spears.
  • In Secret Agent Clank, in the HIG impact treehouse, if one looked closely at a picture on a desk they could see an autographed picture of Courtney Gears. There is also a picture of her in the HIG Treehouse in Size Matters as well. [citation needed]
  • Courtney Gears is oddly large in her boss battle. While her back up dancers are visibly shorter than the cages, Courtney's head goes well beyond that height. Also, Ratchet only comes up to the bottom of her shorts during the boss battle. When making a comparison of Ratchet to Reactor and Courtney to Reactor, Courtney appears to be the same oddly enormous height in Ratchet: Deadlocked. Also, Courtney is still this height in the artwork of her with her background dancers. Courtney's legs alone go all the way up to the dancers' shoulders.
  • If Ratchet gets hit during the Courtney Gears boss fight, she could say, "Oops, I did it again," a reference to the Britney Spears's song of the same name.
  • Courtney Gears's music video song is in English in all versions of Up your Arsenal except for the Japanese version.

Behind the scenes


Courtney Gears (3)

Courtney Gears as she appears in Ratchet: Deadlocked

Ambiguously canon

Notes and references

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