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Containment suites were the "living quarters" for those contestants forced to compete on DreadZone. They had all the things heroes needed to "survive" on DreadZone. If anyone tried to sneak in someone else's containment suite, they would be killed by either DreadZone or the Exterminators, as Lightspeed found out the hard way. The heroes were allowed to have teammates inside the containment suites as Ratchet, Clank, and Big Al had done. Vox Airlines shuttles were waiting in the suites to take contestants to the Battledome or other planets. While the heroes were in the containment suites they were on live Holo-Vision all the time. These containment suites could be found scattered all across DreadZone Station, and were all destroyed when the station itself was destroyed by Ratchet after detonating the Battledome.

Ratchet's suite contained a landing pad, a tech center, a rankings and statistics board, and a workshop. It also contained a weapon vendor and a combat bot vendor.


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