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Constructo Pistol artwork

Constructo Pistol artwork

The Constructo Pistol was the main firearm in the Constructo weapons line. The player could edit the physical attributes of the weapon, along with aesthetics. When upgraded to V5, it was renamed the Mega Constructo Pistol.

One of the main aspects that the player could design for the Constructo Pistol was the trigger. The player could make the trigger shoot out a single powerful round, or several rounds at a time. They could also make the trigger work as a charger, that charged the gun to give a more powerful blast, much like the Alpha Disruptor.

The chamber of the pistol could also be changed.

The upgrades were the main unique aspect that could be changed. The upgrade modified the way the round was blasted and what it did. The players could choose between a ricochet upgrade, a hotshot upgrade and an explosive upgrade. The ricochet upgrade worked when the bullet hit an object so that it would simply rebound (like the N90 Hurricane). The hotshot upgrade allowed the bullet to stay on the enemy and still inflict damage for a certain amount of time. The explosive upgrade made the bullet explode on impact. The upgrades were found as Weapon mods throughout the game.

Constructo mods

Constructo mod Available at In-game description
Pull Trigger Default Constructo's reliable single-shot trigger.
Rapid Trigger Lumos, Krell Canyon Turn your pistol into a fully-automatic assault weapon!
Charge Trigger Torren IV, Molonoth Fields Release a lethal burst of ammunition based on how long the trigger is held!
Coil Chamber Default This modification uses electromagnetic propulsion to fire high-velocity rounds at your enemies!
Blast Chamber Quantos, Zolar Forest Annihilate the opposition with a blast of supercharged protons.
Beam Chamber Phylax Tau Destroy your foes with a class-three thermal laser beam.
Ricochet Upgrade Nefarious Space Station This modification's omni-bounce converter makes it possible for your ammo to ricochet off walls and deal even more damage!
Scorcher Upgrade Vapedia, Valkyrie Citadel This modification fires a pyrocidic compound at your foes that keeps working after you've moved on to other endeavors.
Impactor Upgrade Agorian Battleplex, The Art Of Negotiation This modification coats each shell with an explosive chemical compound designed to detonate on impact.

Tactics & combinations

You should customize these mods to fit your style of play. These tips may help you. You should always keep the rapid trigger; it's a faster version of the pull trigger and the charge trigger is just too slow to be used. When you have collected enough mods you should use these combos: If you want to take out many small enemies, equip these: blast chamber and ricochet/impactor upgrade, the blast shots have an area of effect and impactor makes it larger but ricochet makes the shots bounce from enemy to another. If you want to take out all kinds of enemies faster, use this combo: beam chamber and scorcher upgrade, beams are very fast and scorcher makes enemies suffer some burning damage. If you like the basic pistol weapons, combine coil chamber and ricochet upgrade.


The paint was the main aesthetic feature of the Constructo Pistol. The player could choose between a series of preset paint jobs, or customize the gun to their desire. The preset paint jobs included the default style (a grey finish), the Gunmetal style (a blue and white), the Spartan Scarlet style (red and black) and the Pacifier style (pink and white). The custom option allowed the player to modify the primary color, the secondary color, the color of the trim on the weapon and color of the effects on the weapon.



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