The Electrolyzer was a item awarded to Ratchet for completing the Galactic Gladiators challenge Battle for the Electrolyzer at the Maktar Resort. The Electrolyzer repaired circuits to power machinery. This was done by flipping Connectors to try and get moving blue particles to go through the them. When a particle goes through the Connector it disappeared. If it hit the side of the Connector the gadget would restart. If all the particles were removed the machine would work properly.

Official Description

Commando Booklet

Blow a fuse? Need to fix that electrical short? Well, fret not, as the Electrolyzer can turn even the most technically challenged into a full fledged electrician! This item allows you to repair broken pieces of machinery at the flip of a switch (well, switches that is). Step right up to an Electrolyzer target and you will see what we mean.
Render Electrolizer Portal

An Electrolyzer Portal

Behind the scenes

The Electrolyzer, along with the Hacker and Infiltrator, could be equipped in your hand through a bug, even though they all were items and therefore unequippable. This suggested that it was going to be a gadget at one point, just like the Trespasser.

In a demo of the game, Ratchet could equip the Electrolyzer via the Quick Select and use it like a gadget.[1]

Used on


  • The puzzle was actually a large area created on a place of the level where it cannot be easily seen. When playing it, the camera went there and showed the area-puzzle from above.
    • In many areas with electrolyzer puzzles, shooting a Visibomb could reveal them.


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