We're pinned down, WE'RE PINNED DOWN! The ships are hammering our positions from the air!
(artillery round goes off nearby)
That was a little too close!
— The Commando while sending the SOS message, R&C

The Commando was a tough and gruff soldier in the army, and the one and only member of the Army not to go AWOL on planet Batalia during the Blarg invasion.


Ratchet & Clank

Prior to Blarg invasion, the Commando had been stationed at Fort Krontos, planet Batalia,where he commanded an Army battalion. Unfortunately things were about to get dicey.

In the year 5354, the Blarg had been ravaging the Solana Galaxy under the orders of their leader Drek as part of an ambitious plan to create a new suitable planet for them to reside on after their own homeworld of Oxron had become inhospitable due to pollution. Eventually, Batalia was next world to be target by the Blarg. From their depot on their colony planet, Gaspar, the Blarg invaded Batalia with the support of Blarg Destroyers.

Batalia's military proved largely ineffective, as locals of Batalia didn't didn't have the "skilled manpower" to defend themselves and had weak air defenses. During the Blarg invasion, the Commando's entire battalion went AWOL, forcing the Commando to fight the war all by himself, a war he was quickly losing as the result of loss of Fort Krontos, which contained the only means of defense against Blarg Destroyers. He appeared in an Infobot that Ratchet and Clank find on planet Umbris, in which he demanded immediate assistance. When the duo arrived at Batalia, the Commando ordered them to meet him at the entrance of Fort Krontos, where he then told Ratchet and Clank that they must find a way to infiltrate the base undetected to access a defense turret to destroy the Blarg heavy bombers. He also gave them an Infobot for planet Orxon. It was later learnt that the Commando attempted to take credit for fighting the war single-handedly. The Commando was a part of the Solanian, found in his home planet Batalia.