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Nefarious has a master control center on planet Mylon. We believe the last Biobliterator is there now, guarded by an entire robot army.
Sasha Phyronix  [UYA]
Then we better get moving.
Ratchet  [UYA]
Be careful guys, this time, they know your coming.
Sasha Phyronix  [UYA]

The Command Center, also called the master control center, was the final main level in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. It was located on planet Mylon. It was there where Ratchet defeated the Biobliterator and Nefarious. It was heavily guarded by Tyhrranoids, with every room having at least one Tyhrranoid in. It was Nefarious's primary base for operations during the events of Up Your Arsenal.


  • Swimming pool - the swimming pool was mentioned by Ratchet when talking with one of the One-Eyed Robonoids.


  • Fire drill - fire drills were noted to occur by Ratchet while using the Tyhrraguise.