The exciting, all true, right <cough> adventures of Qwark
— Comic Narrator, UYA
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The Professor narrated the "historically" accurate adventures of Captain Qwark in the Qwark Vid-Comics.

Comic Narrator, also known as the Professor, was a character heard narrating the Qwark Vid-Comics. His real name was unknown, although his title was revealed at the ending of Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder and Deja Q All Over Again.


Early History

I mean I've worked on some real junk before, but this one takes the cake.
— Comic Narrator describing Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder., UYA

The Comic Narrator was a Professor, and worked on narrating several items prior to his work on the Qwark vs. Nefarious series of Vid-comics. According to the Comic Narrator, some of his previous works he narrated on were filled with lies, though those incidents pale in comparison to what lay ahead in his career. The Comic Narrator was later hired by Captain Qwark to help narrate Captain Qwarks "all true" adventures of the Qwark vs. Nefarious series.

Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder

However, no previous adventure could have prepared Qwark for his encounter with the dread pirate Blackstar and his crew of… oh please tell me this isn't a typo.
— Comic Narrator, UYA
That's Robotic Pirate Ghosts. Guess reading wasn't your subject, eh, professor?
Qwark, UYA