The Combuster, also known as the Combustor in European versions of the games, is a blaster that launches high-velocity fireballs of superheated plasma at enemies. This weapon has a medium firing rate, much like that of the N60 Storm, and is used better from far away. Each shot bursts out a blue spark when it comes in contact.

The Combuster upgrades into the Magmabuster at V5, which adds two additional barrels to the weapon for a total of three plasma balls per shot.

In the movie and game, the Combuster is a choice weapon of the Galactic Rangers.

Ratchet with Combuster

Ratchet, using the Combuster in the Ratchet & Clank (movie)

Weapon summaries

The Combuster is the backbone of the Rangers' arsenal, allowing you to shoot targets in a short to medium range.
―Captain Qwark  [R&C (movie)]
This blaster fires burning balls of plasma. Does light damage but has a deep ammo pool and is a good fallback weapon for any situation.
―Weapon description  [R&C (PS4)]
The Combuster is spelled "Combustor" in Europe, because Europe is fancy.
Holocard description (America)  [R&C (PS4)]
The Combustor is spelled "Combustor" in Europe, because Europe is fancy.
―Holocard description (Europe)  [R&C (PS4)]

Raritanium upgrades

Similar to Tools of Destruction, the Combuster can be upgraded with Raritanium.

Normal upgrades

  • Ammo x2: Increases ammo capacity of said weapon by 50 per upgrade.
  • Rate of fire x16: Increases how fast gun can be fired in succession by 10% per upgrade.
  • Bonus bolts x7: Increases bolts gained from killing an enemy with said weapon by 5% per upgrade.

Mystery upgrades

  • BOGO Plasma (middle): Increases the amount of ammunition gained from crates.
  • Heavy Plasma (left): Allows Combuster shots to knock back opponents.
  • Stable Plasma (right): Gives shots extra range, allowing them to hit opponents from farther away.
  • Prism Facets: Gains the ability to shoot two extra bullets per shot.
    • Note: The Omega Magmabuster must be obtained before this upgrade becomes available.


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