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The Cloaker was Nefarious's special weapon. It made Nefarious invisible for about 8 seconds on the lowest setting. When equipped with the extra ammo setting, it would make Nefarious invisible for about 15 seconds, (it would also give a total of 8 invisibility Cloaker ammo) and the extra power setting would make him invisible for about 30 seconds.

When equipped with the elite setting, pressing (and holding for a bit) the melee button while using the Cloaker would make Nefarious initiate his "Cloak & Dagger" technique, Nefarious would launch up in the air, "teleporting" to the nearest enemy, home in, and smash down on them, slashing them in the process (it would also make him invisible for about a minute). This "teleport" attack is very useful to get to out reach places, as long as there is at least one enemy where you want to go. If there is a Vac-U target you need to get to, and there are enemies on the other side, the Cloaker's Smash and Slash attack is a good move to use instead of the Vac-U. This attack is also a very good, powerful attack to use against bosses, although if you are homing in on an enemy that has just fallen into the off-the-cliff-abyss, you will probably die. If you "teleport" to an enemy that is hovering over the ground, such as Mr. Dinkles or Commander Spog, the Cloaker will allow you an advanced double jump, allowing you to get back to where you were before, usually without having to use the Hookshot.

Sadly, running into an enemy with the Cloaker equipped will hurt you and make you visible again. It is also not possible to phase through walls as the Cloaker only makes Nefarious invisible, not intangible.[1]


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