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If you're a no-good villian looking to keep a low profile, the Cloaker is just the tool you need! It renders its operator completely invisible. Now you can sneak past enemies or get the drop on 'em.
―GrummelNet Preview  

The Cloaker was Nefarious's special weapon, a cloaking device manufactured by GrummelNet in All 4 One. It grants the ability to become invisible for about 8 seconds on the lowest setting.

The Cloaker is first available at Aldaros Plains for 10,000 bolts. The elite version can be purchased for 30,000 bolts.


When equipped with the extra ammo setting, the Cloaker would make Nefarious invisible for about 15 seconds, (it would also give a total of 8 invisibility Cloaker ammo) and the extra power setting would make him invisible for about 30 seconds. Enemy attacks will cause Nefarious to become visible again.


When the Cloaker is equipped with the elite setting, pressing and holding the melee button while using it will allow Nefarious to initiate his "Cloak & Dagger" technique. Nefarious can launch up in the air, "teleporting" him to the nearest enemy, home in, and smash down on them- slashing them in the process. The Cloaker's Smash and Slash attack allows an alternative for the Vac-U, if there are enemies on the other side of an obstacle.

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