Class G Dreadship

The Class G Dreadship was a huge and heavily armored (but slow) battleship, first used in the invasion of Aleero City, in order to transport the Warbots and to command the Blarg army. Another one was used outside of the Deplanetizer. The Dreadship was the first boss in Ratchet & Clank (PS4). There were two Dreadships in the game, one of them being controlled by Victor Von Ion, the other one being unmanned.

Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

Ratchet had to destroy the first Dreadship, along with the Blarg Dropships which protected it, in his own ship.

After Ratchet gathered twenty-six Warbots to shoot at the first Dreadship with the Mag-Booster, he managed to destroy the ship.

If Ratchet crashed into the first Dreadship enough times, then his ship would be destroyed. The ship was too strong to be hit with a machine gun.

Finally, the first Dreadship crashed into several buildings before blowing into pieces.

There was another Dreadship outside of the Deplanetiser, in which Victor Von Ion used to attack Ratchet. However, Ratchet managed to destroy the second Dreadship using his Class-g Star Jumper. The second Dreadship disintegrated into a firey blast while moving toward Novalis. Victor was angry because Ratchet destroyed his ship.

Ratchet & Clank (movie)

Class G Dreadship (2)

The Class G Dreadship as it appears in the movie.

In the Ratchet & Clank movie, there was only one Dreadship, but it played the same role. It first appeared over the Hall of Heroes and dispensed Warbots to attack the Galactic Rangers. When Ratchet arrived on Kerwan, Clank noticed that they were too late. First, Ratchet tried to shoot the ship down with a missile, but it failed to hit the ship, and the missile hit Qwark's statue instead. However, Clank came up with an idea. He said that the weapon package includes a Mag-Booster. He rewrote the software to isolate the Warbots' armor. Ratchet managed to pick up three hundred Warbots and returned them to the Dreadship by firing them at the ship with the Mag Booster in order to destroy it, causing it to explode into pieces. Victor became angry because Ratchet destroyed the ship, forcing him to escape.


Class G Dreadship (3)

The Class G Dreadship as it appears in the movie (from a different angle).

The Kerwan Warship was huge, and its color, red, was similar to that of the Warbots' color scheme. It had two large wings, a cannon at the front, a bridge, two elbow windows, large stabilizers on the back, and eleven jet engines. The warship also had a dispenser on the bottom which produced and ejected Warbots.


After destroying the Blarg transports, you will have to take down the Dreadship. Use the Mag-Booster in order to pick up warbots. The maximum amount of Warbots you can carry is twelve. Fire the Warbots at the Dreadship in order to damage it.

After firing a total of twenty-six Warbots at the Dreadship, the Dreadship will be destroyed. Avoid coming into contact with the Dreadship, as crashing into it will damage your ship. Your machine gun will not work in taking down the Dreadship, as the warship bears an immense amount of armor. Since this ship is slow, it is very easy to target. Try not to let the Warbots shoot down your ship. Also, avoid crashing into buildings. If the ship is damaged, shoot down the blarg saucers to repair the ship.


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