Class-g Star Jumper

The Class-g Star Jumper, also called the Ranger Ship,[1] were star fighters utilized by the Galactic Rangers. Ratchet was given one by Qwark after the ship he was using was destroyed by a bomb planted by one of Drek's blarg mercenaries.

Combat statistics

Class-g Star Jumper, in fight

The Class-g Star Jumper, in action

The Class-g Star Jumper had two standard laser cannons and a warp drive. Ratchet's ship was later upgraded by Big Al and was given Tesla Rockets, which were powerful rocket missiles that would lock on to targets and pierce tough armor. The ship could also perform Barrel Rolls to dodge enemy fire.


Class-g Star Jumper default paintjob came in a Galactic Ranger blue color with yellow stripes and on Ratchet's was face art of himself with a fierce expression. Using the Extras menu, the paintjob of Ratchet's ship could be customized with three different paintjobs: Hot Rod, Anodized, and Ninja Black.


Notes and references

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