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Class 3 agorian space cruiser

The Class-3 Agorian space cruiser was a powerful, heavily-armored, upgraded model of the Agorian Talon. One of these was piloted by Commander Argos during his attack on Gimlick Valley. After Argos was defeated by Ratchet and Clank, they had the grateful Fongoids fish it out the river beneath the floodgate, where Argos had drowned. They then used it to get back to the Nefarious Space Station, where the Aphelion had been left after Nefarious flung them to Morklon with his Asteroid Flinger 5000. After defeating Nefarious and destroying his station, Ratchet and Clank were unable to retrieve the cruiser before the explosion, so that it was presumably destroyed, despite the fact that the Fongoids needed it for a show reenacting the Battle of Gimlick Valley.


  • Despite this cruiser being fought in the past, it is much more durable than any of the Agorian Cruisers in Ratchet's timeline.