Clank's security backup was a miniature robot who was responsible for Clank's security inside of him. He could not defeat the Technomites on inside of Clank so Ratchet arrived and agrees to help him. Once Ratchet defeated all the Technomite soldiers, Clank's security backup was able to turn on the auxiliary switch and get Clank back online.


Clank's security backup was very laid-back character who took great pride in his work but was never prepared for anything quite as major as a Technomite invasion.

Behind the scenes

Clank's security backup is seen exclusively in a cutscene meaning the character has no 3D model. He was designed after the generic night watch guard stereotype; appearing exclusively in Size Matters, he was the main host of the game's penultimate level, one of the few scattered about the series where the player must play without Clank. His voice was provided by James Arnold Taylor, who also provided the voice of Ratchet.[1]


Notes and references

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