Unofficial title
No official name has been given to this subject in any licensed Ratchet & Clank media; as such, a descriptive name was chosen.

Clank's mother was a computer on the Blarg Robot Factory on planet Quartu. She was supposed to make sentry-bots to serve as Blargian security forces, but suddenly, she created Clank through what appeared to be a deliberate malfunction. It is likely that she harbored secret plans for Clank's inception and produced him when the time was right. She created Clank because she wanted him to combat Drek's plans.

Clank returned to the facility with Ratchet and had his first appropriate meeting with his mother. She informed him with the use of an Infobot that Drek intended to destroy Veldin with the use of the Deplanetizer. Enraged, Ratchet decided to engage Drek at his homeworld. Clank promised to make his mother proud, but as he walked off, she typed onto her screen, "You already have." It is unknown what became of Clank's mother upon Drek's defeat.

Clank's mother had no relation to Orvus, as Clank's soul was not created by Clank's mother.

It is possible that the computer terminal accidentally interfaced with the Great Clock and downloaded Clank's subconscious, later constructing a body therefor when Orvus saw that the time was right. Another possibility is that Orvus simply hacked the computer somehow, in order to create Clank and task him with saving Solana from Drek as a coming-of-age mission. The "mother" Clank has a conversation with could actually be Orvus himself, considering how he refers to Clank as his "son."