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Rapid weaker bursts that home in on enemies.
— Weapon description, GM

The Circuit Jammer is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron Corporation in Going Mobile. In the Series 60 version it is for free from Big Al after visiting the Communication Station for a third time. It can be upgraded to level 3 with use.

Circuit Jammer walls

A wall that can be destroyed by the Circuit Jammer, with the lowest block destroyed.

The Circuit Jammer can destroy certain walls, which consist of blocks. This ability is required to collect some of the Titanium bolts.


The Circuit Jammer fires small lasers that home in on enemies, however when the lasers are homing on an enemy they can only turn to four different directions being: up, right, down and left.

The Circuit Jammer's projectiles move slower than Ratchet, because of this it is not recommended to have it equipped in case an enemy appears in front of Ratchet. Since the enemy will most likely damage you first no matter how fast the player attacks.

The Circuit Jammer is an extremely situational weapon. By the time it is obtained it is outclassed by other weapons like the Lancer and the Defragmenter.