Clank holding the Chronoscepter

Clank holding the Chronoscepter

ACIT Clank

Clank and his clones created by using the staff

The Chronoscepter was a powerful scepter wielded by Clank after being kidnapped by a trio of Zoni.[1] It gave him the power to manipulate time and could also be used as a makeshift wrench, although the scepter possessed greater combo abilities than it. It was also more effective as a group weapon and at hitting flying enemies. The Chronoscepter could manipulate time in such a way, it could fix anomalies of time on planets and it could fix parts of the Great Clock. It could also reverse time and fix broken objects at a swing. The scepter also contained the Time bombs that were used to slow down time in a specific area, which Clank used to solve several puzzles and defeat many foes. The Chronoscepter ran on Quantum energy, to rely on its time manipulation abilities. One of the most interesting and useful abilities of the Chronoscepter was the reversal of time in a concentrated area. This meant that, by hitting an object such as a broken pipe or shattered glass, time would be reversed in order to repair the damage done to the object in question. Another interesting use of this power was the manipulation of enemy projectiles. If a blast of energy or blob of acid was hurled at Clank, the shot could be hit in order to reverse time and shoot it back at its point of origin, the enemy.


  • It was over a hundred million years old and was reserved only for Clank. It was locked up in a chamber.[2]
  • The extent of time manipulation was undefined when using the Chronoscepter, as there was no apparent control mechanism to the weapon other than enemies would not be reversed in time, while objects like lamps and other broken devices were reverted to their original form.
  • The Chronoscepter was last known to be in the hands of Sigmund, after he was promoted to Senior Caretaker.
  • The Chronoscepter was a wrench replacement for Ratchet in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, the only difference was that Ratchet held it with one hand and the head thereof was flat instead of round.
  • "Chrono" is a Greek prefix for words concerning time.
  • When Orvus watched Clank use the chronoscepter, he said it reminded him of a sport he once saw called baseball.



Notes and references

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