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The Chopper is a weapon manufactured by MegaCorp in Going Commando. It is a wrist-mounted star thrower which throws stars that ricochet three times before collapsing on their final target.

The Chopper can be purchased upon reaching Oozla from a MegaCorp vendor for 5,000 bolts. It can be upgraded to the Multi-Star with use, which fires a disc that splits off into two upon ricochet. The Multi-Star can in turn be upgraded to the Mega Multi-Star in challenge mode for 150,000 bolts, which can then be upgraded to the Ultra Multi-Star with use.


The Chopper is a wrist-mounted light silver weapon with orange highlights. Two orange highlights are placed at the back, while one large highlight is placed over the top of the launcher, with a white star on display. It launchers dark silver stars at enemies. The Multi-Star is a red weapon which also features glowing orange energy highlights, launching red stars.


The Chopper throws out stars which ricochet off enemies and walls up to three times before collapsing, which can hit one target repeatedly or many at once. These stars are useful for many enemy types, making it a versatile weapon. Its use increases in more enclosed spaces as the ricochet time reduces.

The Chopper is relatively average in its firing rate and effective range, but has a severe drawback where Ratchet must remain stationary to fire each blade. This enforced immobility dangerously hinders its use in combat, as it cannot be used effectively if there are ranged enemies in play. Early on, the weapon can easily handle mobile weak enemies such as the Mutant Firefly or PX6 Blade Ball, while also being relatively useful in hindering stronger enemies while you strike them with another weapon.

The Multi-Star, its upgrade, causes each blade to split into two, ensuring even more damage being dealt. With the added acid mod being sold from Slim Cognito's weapon modifications store, it is most effective against the largest groups of enemies, as even the weak blades will dish out a sizable amount of acid damage over time across the entire group. The lock-on mod has little use due to its built-in homing abilities.