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The Chimpositron was the V5 upgrade of the Chimp-O-Matic. It released two beams instead of one, thanks to an extra transmorpher chamber being rigged to the weapon. This doubled the effect and rapidly creates more monkeys.

Upgrade Announcement

"Congratulations! You have just upgraded to the Chimpositron! An extra transmorpher chamber has been rigged to your weapon, doubling the amount of monkeys it can create!"

Behind the scenes


Once the player upgrades the Chimp-O-Matic to the Chimpositron, it would sometimes continue the sound thereof firing long after the player released the trigger. In most cases, the player would have to quit the game and restart it.

During the battle with Nefarious, it is possible to turn Nefarious into a monkey thus ending the battle and triggering the cutscene. This is also possible, but much more difficult, with the regular Chimp-O-Matic.


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