Returning to battle as everyone's favorite gladiator, he slices, he dices, and carves up a mean dish.
— Galactic Gladiators' announcer comments about Chainblade., GC

Chainblade was a colossal gladiator who became famous on Galactic Gladiators, leading its Bio-Division. He was a Thug from Snivelak. Chainblade was armed with two great chainblades that he could swing with ease. Before he was defeated by Ratchet, Chainblade had gone undefeated for 500 straight matches. Although this seems like a great feat, he really only fought 500 imitation chainblades which took a total of 5 seconds each to dispatch. This means he took a total of 41.6 (recurring of course) minutes to accumulate 500 wins.[citation needed] Chainblade was spawned 2 weeks prior to meeting Ratchet and Clank.[citation needed] He was first seen in the Galactic Gladiators advertisement on planet Oozla.



Chainblade in the Monsterpedia

The easiest way to beat the gladiator is to get in close with the Blitz Gun and keep firing at him, double jumping over his blades. When hovering in the air, you can take out the Gravity Bomb or Lancer to deal damage as the Blitz Gun deals very little damage and just wastes ammo. You can double jump over his long-range attacks when he unleashes them. Should you run out Blitz Gun ammo, the Chopper will be a good choice.

A very easy way to beat him (with the least effort) is to drop a few mini turrets (or the mega variety). These will take care of him in a matter of seconds; because all you have to do will to dodge his swords.

Chainblade in hd by darkflich

Another way to beat Chainblade is to use the Decoy Glove then use the Tesla Claw and shoot him until he is defeated! A third way is simply to shoot Chainblade once with the RYNO II. He will be killed instantly. A match can therefore last 5 seconds due to this.

Another way (if you have a lot of nanotech) is to have the lava gun and just stand there shooting it at him. He will lose heath fast.

Finally, you could also use the Chopper, if you have it. Simply wait for him to come down, hold down L2 or R2 and start firing. When he comes towards you, just strafe out the way. if his starts extending his swords to attack, just strafe again, but start firing when you are in mid-air. if done correctly, you should beat him in about 33 shots, 32 if you're good enough.

Skill point

A skill point is earned by beating him with only the wrench. However, the player could use the Decoy Glove as well so that he could whack him while he was occupied by the decoys.

Behind the scenes

Chainblade FFA

Chainblade skin in Full Frontal Assault

QForce skin - Chainblade

Chainblade skin on the red team in Full Frontal Assault

A recycled Chainblade model could be seen in the Insomniac Museum of Burbank. This indicated that either Chainblade was going to return in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal or a boss similar to him was going to be therein (most likely in Annihilation Nation). This model happened to be armed with two Plasma Whip-like weapons instead of two chainblades and could be fought, though it died in a single hit. The Plasma Whip was originally built on Chainblade to be used as an enemy weapon until the programmer who coded it was challenged to fix any bugs and make the weapon usable by Ratchet.


Chainblade appears as a multiplayer skin in Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault.[1]


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