Cazares are a species in the Ratchet & Clank series, the race of The Galactic President and Sasha. Cazares were possibly native to Marcadia, but had spread beyond that planet since the discovery of space travel. They possessed an innate aptitude for leadership and civil service.

Cazares were very similar to Lombaxes in appearance, except that Cazares had fox-like ears and fox-like facial characteristics. They both were similar in stature. They had sharp ears that were about half the length of a Lombax's, ten functional fingers, and striped tails. However, a Cazar typically had much darker brown fur and fewer noticeable stripes.


  • It should be noted that male Cazares seem to be about twice the size of females. The Galactic President was much taller than his daughter, Captain Sasha, who was about the same height as Ratchet. However, as there have been only two Cazares shown, it is possible that some females are as tall as males, and that Sasha is probably much younger or shorter than other Cazares.
  • Sometimes Cazars are confused with Lombaxes due to their similar appearances and both having five fingers instead of the usual three.

Known Cazares