RC2 armour - Carbonox

Armor made from Carbonox

Carbonox was a metal found in the Bogon Galaxy and also imported to and utilized in the Solana Galaxy and Polaris Galaxy. It was the most durable known metal in the universe, easily eclipsing even the likes of adamantine and trillium, the hardest metals in Solana and Polaris respectively; this would make it superior to the metal Aphelion was made out, meaning it would not be damaged even by a black hole.


Infernox full

Infernox Armor, the combination of Carbonox, Nanotech control system, and a quantum hellfire generator

Carbonox alloy was used by MegaCorp used for the Carbonox Armor. The Cerebellian B2 Brawler's body was also built from six tons of Carbonox.

By combining Carbonox with a Nanotech control system, and a quantum hellfire generator, Gadgetron managed to create the Infernox armor, the ultimate achievement in personal protection systems, a completely invulnerable and unbreachable armor.

Vox Industries also created their own Carbonox Armor, the Eviscerator utilized this Carbonox Armor, and in Hero mode of Deadlocked, every enemy was given Carbonox armor.

Neftin Prog also upgraded the Prog Blades weapon to utilize Carbonox in its rounds.