Metropolis 3 HD

Ratchet and Clank complete the Qwark Training Course

The Captain Qwark Fitness Course, also known as the Qwark Training Course or simply the Fitness Course, was a fitness course Qwark used to keep in shape. It was owned by Qwark Enterprises, and was not legally responsible for those that got hurt or died on the fitness course. It was found on Planet Kerwan, in Metropolis. The course occupied three platforms in the middle of the city, and was covered with pathways that disappeared under Ratchet's feet, scaling walls, grind cables, and more. At the beginning of the course was a Qwark-Bot that informed challengers of the dangers and benefits that would come from taking the course. When Ratchet and Clank completed the course, Qwark's personal trainer, Helga, greeted the duo and reprimanded them for "disgracing" her obstacle course through a so-called "sloppy" performance. Despite this, she gave them the Swingshot as a part of the deal, but not without demanding 1,000 bolts as the price for disgracing the course.

The course appeared again in the Qwark Vid-comic, Deja Q All Over Again, in which Helga forced Qwark to run the course in order to get into shape.


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