However, no previous adventure could have prepared Qwark for his encounter with the dread pirate Blackstar and his crew of…oh please tell me this is a typo.
That's Robotic Pirate Ghosts. Guess reading wasn't your subject, eh, professor?
Qwark, UYA

Captain Blackstar was a notorious Space Pirate that once terrorized the Solana Galaxy years ago with an army of Robotic Pirate Ghosts.


Early Life and the Fifth Solarian Equinox

In the early days of the fifth solarian equinox, the Solana Galaxy was terrorized by the notorious pirate known as Captain Blackstar.
Ah hoi! Anyone else got a craving for fish and chips?
Qwark, UYA

Like many Space Pirates, Blackstar was originally created by Tachyon to collect Lombax technology. Like many other Space Pirates however, he was later left to rot on Praxus Seven after Tachyon no longer needed him.

Blackstar armor

Blackstar Armor, built by Captain Blackstar himself

Despite their abandonment, the Space Pirates continued to pillage the Polaris Galaxy. At one point, Blackstar became the Captain of the Space Pirates. His crew weren't particularly found of him at all, and Blackstar often faced mutinies. Because of constant mutinies, Captain Blackstar would later create the Blackstar Armor that offered protection against said mutinies.

Later on, Blackstar terrorized the Solana Galaxy in the fifth solarian equinox with a crew of undead Robotic Pirate Ghosts. However, Blackstar was eventually confronted by Qwark, who board his ship years ago. Qwark battled Blackstar's Robot Pirate Ghosts and Space Rats and killed Blackstar's Robotic Space Eel that haunted his ship. Captain Qwark then confronted Blackstar, and beat him off with a stick, putting an end to his reign of terror.


I was beating him off with a stick!
Qwark on his battle with Blackstar., UYA

With Blackstar defeated, Captain Qwark was rewarded a large sum of bolts (equalling a trillion or more) for his actions, which was all donated to Qwark For Tots Scholarship Fund, which provided makeovers and buxom bimbos to needy people named Qwark.

The Space Pirates remembered Blackstar by naming a "borrowed" Kerchu radio station on Ardolis after him, known as the Blackstar Memorial Radio Tower.

Behind the scenes

He was originally meant to be the boss of the first Qwark vid-comic but was cut from the game due to difficulty with his animation. He was replaced by a giant robotic space eel that was said to haunt the ship (which was later found to be true) as the final boss. He could be seen in the Insomniac Museum on Burbank where the player could fight him using the Game Pyramid.

The fight was fairly easy, as Qwark went into the room, Blackstar's body was dormant, until his spirit flew in and possessed the body. Blackstar moved slowly and swung his sword, whereas a punch from Qwark really hurt him. After you bunched out his health bar, his body was destroyed but his spirit picked up the sword and tried to plunge you with it. The body put itself back together and the spirit repossessed the body. After you destroyed it a second time, space rats would come in and you had to punch them as well as Blackstar's spirit while avoiding the plunging sword. After this, Blackstar was vanquished forever more.

Blackstar's Ship

Captain Blackstar's Ship