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A Bursting Blekko was strange suicidal life-form native to the swamp world of Thram. Vaguely resembling a theropod dinosaur, Bursting Blekkos would charge at intruders while inflating a red protrusion on their back. When in range, the creature's red protrusion would then explode, causing massive harm to the intruder. If their primary attack did not kill the intruder and the Blekko, they continued to jump and chomp at him until he kills them. They typically attacked in pairs, and often hung around swarms of Serathoids.

Bursting Blekkos were originally in the Destructapalooza, but were taken out in the end. They supposedly snuck aboard a Thug jet, killing all the Thugs. The Destructapalooza decided to taken advantage of them, and gave the a job in the arena.


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