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Burbank in Going Commando


Burbank in Up Your Arsenal

Burbank, also known as Dantopia,[1] was a mysterious world located in the Bogon and Solana Galaxies. It was home to an Insomniac Museum. It could only be accessed from a teleporter in Metropolis that became active at 3:00 A.M., or from another teleporter found aboard the Starship Phoenix, which could be unlocked by collecting all the trophies. Burbank appeared identical to Dantopia, as did the museum itself, so Burbank was also presumably related to the being known as Dan.


  • Burbank, California, is where Insomniac Games first formed, which is the reason the name was given to the planet in the game.
  • By changing the time setting on the PlayStation 2, players could access Burbank at any time of day.
  • In Going Commando, Burbank was based on a real composite image of the Earth made by the NASA,[2] sometimes nicknamed 'The Blue Marble'.
  • In Up Your Arsenal, Burbank appeared as the Insomniac Moon.
  • It was possible to gain access to the museum in the Starship Phoenix without having obtained all the trophies and instead using the mega turret-glove to glitch through the wall. This worked in the HD collection as well.
  • Oddly enough, the designs of the two museums were almost the same.
    • It was also strange that in Going Commando there was no water in the area, where it should be regarding the planet while arriving. In Up Your Arsenal though there was water where it did not appear anywhere on the image of the planet.
Dantopia Background

Dantopia and Barlow background

  • If the player looked out at the background of Dantopia, it was exactly the same as the background to Barlow.
  • In the American versions of Going Commando, if the game was saved in Planet Burbank, the saved file would still say Planet Dantopia.

Behind the scenes


The name Dantopia was a portmanteau derived from ex-Insomniac Games member Dan Johnson (who had cameos in all of their games from Spyro 2 onwards, aside from Ratchet: Deadlocked) and the word "utopia," which is defined as an ideal society.


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