This article catalogs bugs in the Ratchet & Clank series. Note that there is a difference between a software bug and a glitch; this article should only include the former. Additionally, this page should only include notable bugs. Bugs such as those where the player can travel outside the game area's bounds are common and should not be described here unless they are used to achieve a bigger bug.

Ratchet & Clank

Blackwater City hoverboard race

In Ratchet & Clank on the PlayStation 2 it is possible to enter the local hoverboard race in Blackwater City while using the Holo-Guise, which would cause Ratchet to enter the track without a hoverboard and thus be able to walk around. This effectively allows the player to abuse the large quantities of crates on the course that will respawn nearly instantly when out of the camera's view. If equipped with the Taunter, one could reliably collect an incredibly large amount of bolts ranging in the hundreds of thousands over several hours.

In the Ratchet & Clank Collection this bug has been fixed. However, it is still possible to access the race track by using the Decoy Glove. Simply position yourself next to a corner in the area with the Hoverboard Girl and deploy a decoy next to yourself. With a large amount of luck it will push you through the wall, allowing you to glide to the course which will be visible down below. Be warned though as this method is rather unreliable and can take a while to achieve successfully.


  • On planet Orxon, there is a magneboot ramp on the track where you chase the info bot. Go to the magneboot ramp and keep walking, when upside down go to the edge of those pipes, walk of on the pipes and do not stop or you will fall. Walk to the side until you reach the top. Now you can see the whole map. Note: if you stay there for too long, the pipe will become invisible.


  • Save file breaking bug: On planet Pokitaru, after upgrading Clank with the Thruster-Pack, the player can glide underneath the garage containing the ship, and is then stuck. Loading the save file doesn't work since the game thinks you've purchased the Thruster Pack, even though you've loaded the game back to before you purchased it. From this point, the player is unable to progress on the current save file, and must start over from the beginning of the game.
  • If you swim to the edge of Pokitaru, go to the bottom with the O2 mask, and keep going deeper, you can swim under the level and go to the end of the sewers without fighting any amoeboids.


  • You can go through walls with the Decoy Glove
  • You can throw your wrench twice (in one go). To do this equip any glove type weapon (e.g., Bomb Glove), than enter the first person mode by holding down the L1 button. Then press the Square button to throw your wrench. While the wrench is still in the air quickly let go the L1 button and press Square button again and wrench will go further instead coming back right away.
  • If you start swimming, then while you are underwater pause the game and go to the Goodies screen and play a video, when you continue the game Ratchet will be standing, not swimming, on the ground at the bottom of the water, with a refilled air gauge. This trick will not work on Planet Rilgar if you have played the hoverboard race as after the movie, you will be warped to the start of the race.
  • If you go to pause menu, select Gadgets, and look for a gadget for Ratchet's head or feet and press X more than once, the animation for that gadget will play in loop.

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando

  • You can go through walls with the Decoy Glove or the Megaturret Glove.
  • Double jumping towards a wall and then repeatedly pressing the Square button while in First Person mode will make you climb the wall. (The use of these two glitches makes it possible to beat the game without Clank. However, Clank will automatically join you after you complete Flying Lab the second time, unless you use the Decoy Glove or the Megaturret Glove to glitch through the wall beside the door that you are supposed to get Clank in. Also, most gadgets and items do not have to be obtained.)
  • You can have Electrolyzer and Infiltrator equipped, even though they are unequippable items. To do this, have the wrench in your hand (not a weapon), go to an Electrolyzer/Infiltrator puzzle, press Triangle, but as soon as you've pressed Triangle, repeatedly hit Square until Ratchet starts to Multi-Strike. If done correctly; when you press Circle, you can see the Electrolyzer or Infiltrator in your hand. Note that if you equip anything else after the glitch, Electrolyzer/Infiltrator will disappear from your hand, so you will have to repeat the glitch.
  • After unlocking the Insomniac Museum shortcut (by obtaining every skill point), it's possible to skip about two thirds of the game. In Challenge Mode, complete Aranos, then, on Oozla, go to the museum with the shortcut. Then save the game, and reboot the system. Then reload the save, and use the teleporter in the museum. You will end up in Boldan, effectively skipping more than half of the game.
  • If you hold Triangle to use the Quick Select, select a random weapon or gadget, release Triangle and then press and hold it within a split second, the Quick Select will be invisible; however, the name and amount of ammo of the weapon or gadget will still be visible. Also, the chosen weapon or gadget will not be equipped until Triangle is released.
  • You can eliminate some of the visual effects by doing the following glitch. Firstly, you have to find an area with water, but the water's level should be that to make Ratchet walk slower (The only spots are on Notak and Damosel). Then, equip the Thermanator. Now, aim at the water directly from above, where the camera cannot point any more down. You should try to freeze the water by keeping the circle button pressed. Once the aiming circle disappears, you can notice that visual effects, like the electricity effects on the Plasma Coil, do not exist anymore. Once you die or leave the planet, the effects will appear again.
    • If you wait too long with the circle button pressed, your weapons will not fire anymore, except melee ones. After a period of time, the game stucks
    • Swimming in cold, hard ice: To perform this glitch, Ratchet must get the Thermanator, then he must find a place to use it, if it is already ice, thaw it. Then Ratchet will freeze the water at the verge of freezing. Then, for the last one, fire at least three while running into it, then Ratchet is completely swimming in the frozen body of frozen solid water. Note that the glitch is very difficult to do. And when swimming in the ice, the screen will appear as if you were on land via the water is clear, but you will be swimming. Warning: if you stay under the ice for too long, you will not be swimming anymore.


  • Swimming in the air on Barlow: After obtaining the Thermanator, go back to your ship. Take the elevator back up to the area where it was purchased, but stay on the elevator. Now equip First Person Mode. On the wall to the right, use the First Person Mode wrench climb to get on a small square platform on the roof. Below you will be hard ice. Slowly glide onto the hard ice, but be careful, you must only stay on the ice. Now equip your Thermanator and thaw the hard ice. Now what you need to do is just swim out the wall you climbed up. Most of the level will be invisible for the first few seconds, but afterwards it will all appear properly and you can swim around the whole level. You can also use this to skip the other half of the level. Note: If you rise too much while swimming Ratchet will stop swimming and will start gliding (or falling) through the air.


  • Giant wrench: This glitch works best on planet Grelbin; however, it can be performed at any regular teleporter. Firstly, step into a teleporter and activate it, before the teleporter animation finishes perform a comet strike. If done correctly, you will have teleported and the wrench will now be about the size of Ratchet. On planet Grelbin, enter any elevator that will fade the screen to black. Perform a comet strike and press Triangle. Once the screen fades in, the wrench will now be the size of Ratchet. This cosmetic glitch will last only until the player equips a weapon or gadget, or presses Square.
  • On Grelbin, In the Moon Crystal fields when being attacked by a Yeti and Sea Leviathan at the same time you have may be come invincible and Ratchet's Body will be gone and only his helmet,shoes and Clank will remain. This might only happen on the PS3 Collection.


  • When the player is with the MegaCorp tour group, the player can use the decoy glove to throw decoys on the bridge to block the Fizzwidget tour guide. He will eventually fall into nothingness, and never come back.

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

  • You can go through walls with the Miniturret Glove. To do this, face a wall, then Strafe (hold L2 and R2) forward and backwards until you get the target on the floor to be partially inside the wall, then fire it. Now walk forward to the Miniturret and try going through the wall. Your camera should now start flickering; then keep trying while rotating the camera slowly and you will get straight through the wall. (Alternatively, you could do it just like you can with the Decoy Glove).
  • You can have Hacker equipped, even though it is an unequippable item. To do this, have the Wrench in your hand (not a weapon), go to a Hacker puzzle, press Triangle, but as soon as you've pressed Triangle, repeatedly hit Square until Ratchet starts to Multi-Strike. If done correctly; when you press Circle, you can see the Hacker in your hand. Note that if you equip anything else after the glitch, the Hacker will disappear from your hand, so you will have to repeat the glitch.
  • If the player has a PlayStation 2 turbo button controller while also having unlocked the Gravity Boots and the Charge Boots, press the turbo button while at the same time tapping R1. Next make sure you go on a wall the Gravity boots can walk up. Then hold R1 and you will slide on the wall (but make sure you equip the charge boots while on the wall). Keep in mind that you cannot control Ratchet's direction while sliding.
  • Sometimes on surfaces too steep to walk up, you can double jump and swing your wrench and double jump again to keep climbing (this will only work if the wrench swing is a starting of a multi-strike).
  • If you are at a Hacker puzzle that you already did, you can redo it by crouching down (pressing the R1 button) at it will say Triangle. Use the Hacker and press Square to do it.
  • On any missile drop mission (Veldin, Thyrannosis, Blackwater City, Aridia, Metropolis, Mylon), where you fall and have to dodge the missile, there is a chance that they will spawn too far ahead and will not hit you. Once this happens, it normally continues to happen, but sometimes stops.
  • For some reason, selecting an empty slot in the Load Save screen will make the game attempt to load it. However, this only locks the game in a black screen and forces you to restart the console to keep playing. Sometimes, you'll see an autosave icon.

Starship Phoenix

  • On Starship Phoenix, go to the bridge. Activate the bridge and swing your wrench once and keep on tapping X. Since you cannot jump while the bridge is activated, Ratchet keeps on doing the wrench animation, but the wrench doesn't stretch, and there is not an afterglow after you swing. Ratchet keeps on doing the first wrench swing animation until the bridge stops moving. This also works for the second and third wrench swing animations.
  • On Starship Phoenix, There is a speaker over to the left of the entrance to Ratchet's Quarters. If you can wall climb on top thereof there is a wall that you can jump through which is an easy way to get to the Insomniac Museum. An easy way to tell where to jump is by equipping he Nitro Launcher or Nitro Eruptor and seeing if the ring goes through the wall.
    • Since Ratchet jumps a bit lower in PAL versions than in NTSC versions, making this glitch slightly more difficult in that versions of UYA, after climbing to the top of the speaker, you must jump on the tiny square of the speaker right in front of you (at the left of the speaker) before jumping through the wall to go to the room where the teleporter to Insomniac Museum is. If you don't, you will fall below Starship Phoenix and die.

Blackwater City

  • There is a rare chance that, after completing any challenge in Blackwater City, the game will softlock. If this happens, simply restarting the challenge will undo this bug. This was discovered in Ratchet and Clank Collection.

Insomniac Museum

  • There is a very important bug that can happen after saving the game in the Insomniac Museum (selecting a random skin autosaves the game). Saving then quitting once will automatically take you to the Insomniac Museum when you load the save file a second time; however, quitting without saving the second time will delete the save file. There is no known cause of this glitch.
  • There is a tiny glitch that turns the "Donated by: (some guy)" texts and the info messages much clearer than normal. The easiest way to do it is by moving to a developer's picture with a circle below it and holding R2 (R1 in third person mode) and pressing X. You can open the info message while holding X in the air.


A glitch could be found during the Hit and Run (mission)|Hit and Run battle. If you use the Suck Cannon on the bunch of crates in the previous battles then destroy them in this one, they will continue to respawn.[1]

It could also be found in the HD remaster of the game.

Thran Asteroid

During the Clank section if you get the Banana-Guided Autonomous Monkey Device and then return to the start of the section you will see a deformed Ratchet model with Clank on his back and he will copy all of single player Clank's animations. A video showing the glitch is here:

Ratchet: Deadlocked

  • You can go through walls with the Hunter Mine Launcher, although most walls you go through will cause you to immediately die.
  • In multiplayer mode, play any map with a Landstalker (Note: if you are unsure if the map you chose has a Landstalker, go to 'vehicle options' to check). Get in one and move to flat, level ground. Hold down L2 and R2 simultaneously and tap X. It should jump straight up once, or not at all. Keep holding L2 and R2 while tapping X at a steady beat. If it doesn't jump anymore but only crouches, you did it correctly; otherwise if it keeps jumping, try again. Tap triangle at the second when the Landstalker is at its lowest point (i.e. crouches flat). The Landstalker should rise up to the right. Tap triangle again the very instant its legs leave the ground. If executed correctly, you should jump to incredible heights before falling back down. This may take some practice.
  • If two weapons upgrade at the same time, the game can softlock. To fix this, the console must be reset.

Valix Belt

  • In the "Power Up!" challenge, after you defeat the first enemies in the level (before crossing the first door), you will see a hovering Dreadzone Viper stuck under the platform Ratchet starts in. He isn't attacking you, but you can kill him.
  • In the HD version, in the "Your Land is my Land" challenge, there is a shining Magma-Cannon (like the one from "Swarmer Madness" in Shaar) under the platform Ratchet starts in.

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

  • You can go flying by high jumping and entering your ship and exiting it soon after only in the Wikipedia:PlayStation Portable|PlayStation Portable version.
  • You can go through walls with the Bee Mine Glove.
  • You can stand on the shock crystals created with the Shock Crystal Armor. (You need to land directly on top of the crystals in the European Wikipedia:PlayStation Portable|PlayStation Portable version and in all PS2 versions or the crystals will break).


  • In planet Challax, when you stand on the pedestal of the statue of Otto Destruct, the enemies cannot see you although you are standing right in front of them. The weird thing is that they will come straight in front of you. This glitch can be used to kill all the enemies in this area rather easily. Works only in the PS2 version.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

  • You can climb walls with the Razor Claws. Hold down the R2 button, press X then R1 or Circle, and repeat the process to continue climbing. To jump more easily, repeatedly press the X button.
  • You can boost forward with the Razor Claws.
  • You can go through walls and get out gel plants and shoot through walls with the Gelanator. Just shoot the Gelanator on some ledge above the ground, have Ratchet stand below it, and when it falls it will force him through the ground. This can be done more easily in corners.
  • Sometimes on the Clank levels the Zoni will be bugged when they "Charge up" a object, they will say energized but if you move one of them by walking, they might disappear without doing anything, the phrase 'energize' is repeated but you may have to use a Zoni again, possibly locking up the rest of the level.
  • If you get a Gold Bolt with the Holo-Pirate guise on, the Gold Bolt might not register properly and it will not count. This will cause the gold bolt to disappear without you actually collecting it. This will cause a character to be permanently lost and is therefore not recommended to do on a valued save file. This is not able to be fixed other than having a backup save file.


  • On Planet Reepor, Razor Climb on top of the right turret building. Then, jump onto the stone walls surrounding the map and Razor Climb them then quicky wrench slam into any gap between stones. The game glitches and thinks you are swimming. The will be able to swim above the map without dying. Pressing 'R1'; however, will cause you to die.

Secret Agent Clank

  • You can go through walls with the Tanglevine Carnation or with the Bee Mine Mk. ll.

Fort Sprocket

  • In Fort Sprocket, use a Holo-Disguise in the inner vault. Go to Tony-Strk the Bolt Thief. He is always sucking up bolts. When he takes a break from sucking bolts, try getting Clank in front of him, which will result that Clank will be stuck in the pile of bolts.

Ship Graveyard

  • In Spaceship Graveyard, at the end some of the turrets will be shooting, but the shots cannot be seen and they do not hurt you.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

  • You can climb up the bats you find in Darkwater Cove and Morrow Caverns like stairs.

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

  • When riding any transport, if you hold L1 to aim using the Plasma Slayer, then release L1, you can walk around while the transport is moving, which is normally impossible.
  • If you have Aphelons lasers equipped and fly slowly at a satellite while in space, you have a chance to destroy it without getting into a fight.
  • Whenever you enter the Bernilius sector you will see the Valkyrie War Ship|Valkyrie war ship, even after you defeat her.

Agorian Battleplex

  • In the first level of challenge II on the Agorian Battleplex, if you are lucky, the arena will be arranged so that the Pyrospinners will fall into the lava.
  • Using the Dynamo of Doom during some of the fights can cause a very nasty bug: it may cause console crashes or, in the worst of cases, corruption of the console. Unfortunately, if this happens, a factory reset may need to be done to the system.

Nefarious Space Station

  • In the N.S.S, during Nefarious's boss fight, jumping to the asteroids can cause a game-breaking glitch. After jumping to the asteroids, entering any teleporter or vendor, dying or even leaving the planet will cause the game to crash. The only way to fix this is to make another save file.
  • If you reload the game while fighting Dr. Nefarious with the Hypernova Defense Laser on, when your ship lands Dr. Nefarious will shoot you, and the beam will still be running. This happens every 1 in 10 times, so that it is not always guaranteed to work.
  • In the N.S.S., while using the Dr.Nefarious holo-disguise, call Lawrence. Be sure to not talk to him when he comes over, then run away from Lawrence's hologram. Now wait until Clank starts talking. While using the disguise, you cannot see Clank, so whenever he talks, Ratchet opens and closes his mouth. This is a rare glitch. If the glitch does not occur, Ratchet will keep his mouth shut and you can still hear Clank's voice.
  • While on the green moving platforms in Doctor Nefarious's base, if you have first equipped the Plasma Striker, you can enter look mode while the platform is moving. When you exit look mode, you will be able to move around and even jump of the platform while it is moving. This will allow you to access that area where Qwark was fighting some of Nefarious's minions along with his War Grok, but will not be able to get anywhere off the rock without dying.

Vorselon's Ship

  • After you free General Azimuth from Vorselon in the Korthos sector, the computer he will hack when you are about to escape, if it is destroyed, nothing will happen. He will either just stand there or pretend to type. This is a moderate glitch and appears 1 out every 5 times [citation needed]
  • After Azimuth is freed from Vorselon, at the part when you have to fight the small drones, throw a Groovitron in the hall before the elevator room and Allister will stay there and dance. If you do this, you will have to run ahead, defeat all the drones and get on the elevator way before Azimuth. Warning: if you do this, Azimuth will disappear and the turret will not activate. To fix this glitch, you will need to die.

The Great Clock

  • There is a very rare glitch where the checkpoint for the great clock grind rail section will not register, causing one of the platforms in the great clock: sector five, while getting to the orvus chamber, to disappear.

Normal glitches in the Ratchet & Clank series

Ratchet & Clank (2002 game)

  • Avoid Starship Fight in Drek's Fleet: First you must beat the game once. Then start a new game with all of your weapons, health upgrades, etc. Then input the 30 second invincibility cheat and play to the Chairman Drek|Drek's Fleet level. Go through the electrified water section first and get past with two or less hits. At the very end of this section where you get the Code Bot, make sure the cheat is turned on, get the health crate(s) in that room and jump into the electrified water. Do not worry, you will not die. Stay in for a few seconds and jump back out. Continue with the level and you will notice that all of the ships are now white. The cannons on the ship with the Magneboot part doesn't fire anymore. So now you can easily get past that without getting in the starfighter.
  • A much simpler way to do the above glitch would be by doing the walk through walls glitch to get to the gold bolt area and continue with the level without going through the electrified water.
  • Swim in the air: First go to Umbris and get to the part where you use the Hydrodisplacer. Get to the part just before the Swingshot. Look to the right of you and there will be a wall. Jump through the corner but do not go too far or you will die. When you jump through try to land on a small platform just outside the wall. Look to your right and you should see a bit of water. This is where you want to get to. Jump and glide down into the water and then you will be swimming in the air.
  • Invincibility with Giant Clank: Go to the robot plant on planet Quartu and beat all of the missions there. Then go turn into giant Clank and destroy all the enemies in and around the stadium. When you destroy all of them, fall off the edge and die. Now you start by the stadium and no attack can hit you, but you can hit them. This is a good way to get more bolts as you will get about 1000 bolts every time.
  • Walk at Blarg Station outside as Ratchet without the O2 Mask: You must do the walk through walls glitch for this glitch to work. Note: You will not be able to complete the mission as you need Clank to command the Gadgebots.
  • One Less Racer: At the racetrack in the Gadgetron Site on Kalebo III, if you know you cannot win the race, save a rocket until the end and launch it just before crossing the line. Select 'continue' and it will fly towards and destroy the nearest racer at the start of the race.
  • Bolt Trick 2: Go to Blackwater city and go to the rising water place and go to the last pirate ship wheel, break it and go where it was. Equip your taunter and aim it to the left, press Circle, and bolts will come non-stop towards you.
  • Kerwan glitch: The Kerwan glitch was an added swingshot target when riding the Grav-Train on Metropolis. Start off by getting on the train, beat all the robots, but instead of getting the Eudora Infobot, stay on the train. From there, pass the fitness area. Then the train goes back to the station, when the train approaches the station again it will drop and go around it. Before it gets there, get your Swingshot and go to the back of the train before it reaches the station. From there, look over to the left of the train. You should see a Swingshot target. The Versa target should be over a building. From there you fire your Swingshot and hope that you attach to it. After which you will fall and die.
    • The Kerwan glitch is only found in Ratchet & Clank (2002 game) at the train station. It was believed that it was the 'supposed' way to get the Insomniac Museum, but Wikipedia:Insomniac Games|Insomniac Games never made a museum for the first game. It just was one of many Add-on glitches throughout the Ratchet & Clank series. You can also get to the Swingshot target during a cab ride from one of the gold bolts.
  • Hidden Kerwan area: Go to the train, and wait until you see a big brownish building next to the area where you first tried out your Heli-pack. When you reach this building, stretch jump off, and glide to the nearby white building. Once here, you will find that part of the wall is not solid, meaning that it is possible to walk through it. To the side, is a skywalk that is solid, and once on here, high-jump to the ledge, where you will be able to hang onto. Jump up. From here, you have two choices, wall jump between the higher skywalk and the building, or wall jump between the walls parallel to this skywalk. Either way, you should be on the highest level. From here, walk towards the non-solid bush, and to the lower visible skywalk. You cannot access the buildings connected to any of these skywalks. Also, the higher skywalk is inaccessible. From here, go to the ledge facing the brownish building earlier, and you can glide onto, or rather, into the building. If you did that or not, either way, make your way back to the highest accessible skywalk. From the brownish building, simply glide to the lowest part of the building (the level where you landed from the train). Once up to the highest accessible skywalk, wait for the train to arrive, and just glide onto it. This way, you can continue without 'dying'.
  • Pokitaru swim: Go to Pokitaru with the Hydro-Pack and the O2 Mask Then look for a gold bolt by a waterfall (should be near your mainpath) or in the upper left corner of the map. Swim down and go to the outer edge of the map still going north. Find a 'void' (the blue stuff between the hill in the distance) and swim in it. You should now be underneath the facility and you can even swim outside the sewer area.
  • Complete Kalebo III in no time: There is a glitch to complete Kalebo III without following the original path. You must have the Visibomb Gun for this glitch to work. Stand a few meters away from the forcefield blocking the easy way to the Hoverboard Guy a.k.a. Gadgetron CEO, aim the weapon at the top of the forcefield and try to hit the button behind it. You have completed the 'Get past the Blarg' mission.
    • Another way to complete the above glitch is to use the 'Decoy Glove - Walking through walls glitch'. Stand in front of the forcefield, go to look mode, and move the bomb target to directly in front of you. Throw three or four and wait. When they release, you should move through the wall.
  • Fun on Planet Rilgar: (You must have at least reached the Hoverboard race in order to use this glitch.) Go back through the tunnels you used to reach Captain Qwark (where you used the Hydrodisplacer) and get to the slippery tunnel you slid down. It should be filled with water now. Go forward to where you begin to float in the water instead of standing up and swim to the right through the brown rock wall (you can also go through the left). You should now be able to see the outside the slippery tunnel as well as the room you were just in (with the pool in the middle). You can do a number of things after you go outside the wall. You can go underwater, swim under to the room you were just in, resurface, and be infinitely falling. Jump to return to normal. An alternative: you may walk in mid air and the screen will bounce if you stop walking (you're still somehow floating). You can also swim down to the bottom room (where the switch to open the doors is) and all the water will be clear instead of the bluish tint that would appear while usually in water. Just make sure the water is clear before you enter through the roof of the room. Resurface to return to normal. When you are just floating, swim through the room's wall and you will be swimming in the floor. Jump to return to normal. This one is probably one of the harder ones to achieve because once you are outside the level and dive underwater, the water must be blue and not clear. When you go outside and dive underwater, you see the layer of water you just dove under and another lower layer for the pool in the room. Swim between the layers and into the pool in the middle of the room. The room will then have the bluish tint when you are underwater even though you are not. Dive underwater and resurface to return to normal.
  • You must have Hologuise in order to use this glitch. First, go to Blackwater City. Then, use the taxi that gets you to the raceway plaza. Once the taxi begins to move, equip the Hologuise. When the taxi stops, walk off the edge that is facing the woman, with the Hologuise on. With luck, you will fall into the water below, and your O2 mask and hydro-pack will be automatically equipped. You may swim freely in the water and the piranhas will not even be there. When you get to the surface, though, you will not be able to go underwater again (unless you repeat it the way above) and you will be eaten by a piranha in a matter of seconds.
    • Alternatively you can glide to the right hugging the wall from raceway plaza, land on the tube that you enter to get to Qwark's camping vagon, glide from there and jump and swim until you get to some land. You cannot walk on the land but try to jump onto it and you might slip down and end up underwater and therefore you can swim freely. Remember it has to be done quick or you will be eaten.
  • Walk underwater: To walk underwater, when you are on the bottom area, pause the game and go to 'Goodies' (this is only available after going in Challenge Mode). In the Goodies menu, select 'in-level movies'. Play any movie and go back to playing. You should be walking underwater but sometimes you will go back to swimming. If you fire a Visibomb in the water, the water will go away.
  • Unlimited time in electrified water: This only works for the water cooler on planet Quartu. Deactivate the electricity, and hop into the water. Now swim to the first slightly elevated area after the 3-ring door opener. Now perform the 'walk underwater' glitch explained above. If you are successful, just wait until the timer runs out. You will not be electrocuted, and can now walk around freely for as long as you like. Watch your step, though. If you try to leave the water area, you will go back to swimming, and be immediately electrocuted.
  • Firstly, go to planet Umbris. Next, get up to the part where there are three Versa-Targets and a Turret. While there, look at the second Versa target (in the middle of the three Versa-Targets), then jump off in the direction of the second Versa-Target just before you are about to hit the mud use the Swingshot to pull yourself out the mud and land safely near the second Versa-Target. Try testing it by jumping into the wall on your left. If it worked you should have passed through the wall. Warning: Unknown glitch doesn't work on all versions of this game. Here's a URL of the glitch in action (only watch the first 2-3 mins of this video).
  • Sometimes on planet Quartu, in the first half of the factory, the enemies from the Giant Clank segment will occur here. Since these can only occur here if one completes the factory section, it is possible that a person came close to glitching straight to the end, and died. Since it was near the end, the robots you have killed become Electroids v2.0|Electroids. This is just a hypothesis, but it has been tested in a PS2 PAL Platinum version, and it actually works. Electroids even stay replacing the robots in the factory after the first time of doing this glitch and even after going out of Quartu and coming back later, making that section of the planet a bit more difficult, but getting a lot more bolts for killing these enemies instead of the normal robots. If this glitch happens to you, make use of it. It may only likely ever happen once, so if this glitch happens while you are stuck on Quartu, make use of it.
  • Equip the Thruster-Pack and hover. Pause the game, and switch the Thruster-Pack to Heli-Pack. Resume the game and Ratchet will stay hovering. Some versions of the game have this glitch fixed.
  • Equip the Heli-Pack and do a long jump (while running, R1 + X). While in the air (the sooner, the better), pause the game and equip the Thruster-Pack. Resume the game and Ratchet will keep doing that jump, and the Heli-Pack helixes will still be hearable.
  • Novalis Resemblance in PlayStation 2 Demo Disc 2.5 (there is a Ratchet & Clank Demo in this disc): Select Blackwater City. Once you have flooded the area and respawned, keep jumping up into the ceiling and you will slide down and breathe and walk underwater. If you jump on or go very close to a ladder, you will go back to swimming. You cannot use this to get up the tube, however, since it's just too steep. The clipping glitch of this area does not work in the Demo, so go to the Bouncer, and glide over to the farthest building. While, swimming, you can jump inside it. Jump and carefully glide down and hit the blue water, beware not to go inside the buildings. Swim around and you can swim in the air. Keep swimming north, and you will see Amoeboids and a Gold Bolt, it is a copy of the secret area on Novalis. Swim over to the tube, jump through a water square, and swim inside the tube. You will discover that there is no Gold Bolt in the Demo version. You will be mostly immobilised, so jump and keep pressing Square until you reach some more water. Jump and you will be inside the Novalis room, and you can get the Gold Bolt. This probably means that the secret area in Novalis was originally meant for Blackwater City especially since it goes with what the planet looks like in several areas, unlike in Novalis.
  • Complete Planet Eudora in no time: To do this, you must do the "Walk through walls" glitch to get through the door to get the Infobot for the Blarg Station. This also means you do not need the Trespasser on this planet.
  • Easy Gold Bolt on Planet Kerwan: Go to the first escalator and before you go on it, to the left is a gap where you can wall jump. Wall jump to the top and go to the gold bolt area.
  • Blarg can walk on water: If you knock the Blarg into the water on Hoven, they will walk around on it and attempt to shoot you.
  • Sometimes if you exit water where Ratchet can swim in, the blue fog from the water will stay until you die.

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando

  • Go to any planet that has a teleporter, do a comet-strike, and when your Omniwrench is flying, use a teleporter. After the teleport, you will have a very big wrench on your hand. If you change the weapon, the big wrench will disappear. The big wrench works like a normal wrench.
  • Find a teleporter and put a Decoy on it. Then get to the other teleporter and try to use it. The screen will shake and you will stay there. Note: If you die you will have to start over.
  • Select a weapon that Ratchet will hold with two hands such as the Heavy Lancer and press Square and Circle with a certain timing. If you timed it correctly Ratchet will start to hold the OmniWrench 8000 incorrectly like he was still holding the heavy weapon with his hands.
  • Find a moving bridge and place a decoy. It will keep going forever in the same line. If at the Maktar resort, it will eventually come back, from the other direction. (stand on the teleporter on the other side of the bridges to the ship, throw a decoy on the bridge, if it is the direction of the ship, it will go through the ramp and float along in space to disappear into the distance, after 10–20 minutes, it will go through the arena behind you and continue moving).
  • If you try to use the Swingshot at the Artic base on Planet Siberius in the driving scene its possible that while you try to go to the next truck your Swingshot will not come out and Ratchet will stay in his pose. He will not move until you press Square.
  • Place a decoy on the wing of the ship and blast off they sometimes will stay there in that the air or they will go with you until you are out the atmosphere.
  • If you want to see the Insomniac Museum at any time, go to Silver City, ride the power lines, and grind until you see the building just before the construction site. Rather than jumping over the transformer, run into it. You will fall off the rail, but you can glide to the area next to you. Go to either side of the building and jump onto (or rather into) its blue-ish edge. You will land partially inside it. Walk to the middle of the building and jump. You will be in the room that the fountain's teleporter takes you to. Unfortunately, the thugs are still there. After taking care of them, go to the teleporter and it will take you to the museum.
  • There is a much easier way to do this in Challenge Mode. To get there, you must activate First-person mode. At the fork in the beginning of the level, instead of turning left to the teleporter, turn right like you were going to complete the level. On your immediate left, you will see a purple glass wall. Climb up it with the FPM glitch. you will find yourself in a later part of the level. If you can, ignore the thugs and continue in a straight line to the second purple wall. Climb up this one and you will be in the same area that you can glide to in the above glitch. From there, just continue along the same way.
  • On Barlow, freeze the last pool of ice, and then wall-hack through. The best location is the corner between the ledge and the 'island platform'. Once here, just melt the ice and swim through. This glitch, swimming on air, has many implications: The main level platinum bolt can easily be reached, one can swim through versa-targets (they are not solid), and in the mountain, there is a hidden water surface that one can swim in (freezing it would be difficult). Also, it means that one can one can swim infinitely, and it means that one can pass this level without Clank (not recommended). This glitch also works inside the factory on Notak beside one of the rising pools of water. You are able to swim around the entire city, for the most part.
  • In Tabora, go towards the place/mission where you get the Glider. At the first water pit, start freezing it (not completely) stand as near the water as you can. Fire the last bit of ice to the water and run or jump to the water. If done correctly, you will swim in the ice.
  • In Endako go to the path where you find Clank. Operate the three roomed lifting object and pick up one of the laser cleaning bots. Leave it up and press Triangle to exit. Then walk to the robot that you lifted and kill it. Return to the operating system and try to lift something. The robot (that does not exist anymore) will drop down.
  • Complete Planet Grelbin in no time. You must do the "climb walls glitch" in First-person mode to get to the end right away. Therefore, you do not need the Hypnomatic.
  • Easy Platinum Bolt on Planet Smolg. You must be in challenge mode to do this. Go to the place with all the protopet boxes. Near where you use the Dynamo, look up until you find the platinum bolt. Once you find where it is, use the FPM wall climb glitch to get it easily.
  • Cheat Slim: Go to Slim's Ship Shack and find a mod you cannot afford. Make sure there is a cheap mod right next to it. Select the expensive mod once and as you do that go over and buy the cheap mod. You will pay for the cheap mod, but get the one you could not afford.

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

  • If you complete a challenge on Annihilation Nation, equip the Rift Inducer (or the Rift Ripper) just before a victory screen appears, then keep it equipped. Now enter an arena challenge that is a weapon exclusive challenge, or a weapon cycling challenge. When a mini clip appears just before it zooms in on Ratchet to start the challenge, fire the weapon - when the round starts the black hole that is launched will stay in the arena and will destroy enemies for a while, despite you not being allowed to use that weapon. 
  • In Holostar Studios, on the part with the ambush, solve the hacker puzzle for the elevator, then get on it afterwards. Then kill all of the enemies in the room with the slot machines, and solve the Hacker puzzle that was there. Go back to all the way but do not go on the elevator. Just when you get on the third red thing you see on the floor tap R1 twice to use your charge boots. When you get off the edge, turn a little bit to the right. You will go through the wall. You can discover new areas while you are there.
  • Easy titanium bolt on planet Daxx: When you first land on Daxx, swing across the water with the Hypershot and continue forward to use the elevator to get to the higher platform. Dispatch of any enemies you encounter (trust me, you will) and before you go up the stairs to the right, go the titanium bolt on the left. (The area looks like three connected circles and is colored green on your map, signifying it is a secret area.) Continue destroying anything that stands in your path and eventually you will reach a button on the ground. Stand on the button and the door in front of you will come down, allowing you to go through. (You may want to take care of the enemies in this room before you proceed.) Right after you cross the threshold of the door, take an immediate left. There will be a corner where the walls are close enough to where you can wall jump off them. Be aware that you can only wall jump twice before Ratchet falls, so double jump towards the right wall and wall jump until you hang from the top of right wall. Jump and press up to hang from the adjacent wall and climb up. Next, jump up onto the giant green structure to your right and turn around to face the secret area. Then run forward, double jump off, and glide down to the secret area to your titanium bolt. You can also use this glitch to get into the inside the room of the next area without having to use the Hacker. Be aware, if you get into the room this way, you cannot get out through the front door because it was never opened. You can also do the walk through walls glitch to go through the left door.
  • When you have 10 000 000+ bolts, on the save menu screen your bolt count appears as 99 999 999.
  • When you get on the asteroid belt on Obani Gemini, you can use the chargeboots to fly away from the moon by getting to the astroid belt and using them and holding R1. You also can fly to Obani Pollux and a strange version of Obani Draco (that one visible from Pollux, with a red and green color).
  • In the Clank portion of Qwark's Hideout you can shoot bananas in the water and they will not sink. Skrunch will attempt to get these bananas, and will get angry when he notices he can't.
  • In Annihilation Nation you can go inside the little rooms where the enemies are coming from. If you go in by jumping and glide in the air without touching the ground (requires all enemies to exit first) the door will close and you will be trapped inside. To get out, shoot the enemies through the door. Hopefully when a new round starts, the box you are in will open to let out more enemies.
  • In the Giant Klunk boss battle, it is possible, though rare, that Klunk will time his first move incorrectly and, after a few seconds, will fall of the grav-train. If this happens, the game must be reset because you will be stuck. This is because Klunk will not die and; therefore, will not trigger the next cutscene or end the fight.
  • In the Quick Select screen, you will sometimes get stuck and not resume. If it happens, you have to reset the game.
  • Free ammo: In Annahilation Nation, when starting a new challenge, your ammo will be fully replenished for free, regardless of the amount of ammo missing. You can instantly quit the challenge and will keep the full ammo. This is most helpful if you are trying to save bolts.
  • On the Starship Phoenix, going to the ship upgrade screen and selecting the split nose without equipping it, then pressing triangle will cause each part of your ship to render backwards.This will persist until you either enter the ship upgrade screen again or leave the Starship Phoenix.
  • On any Multiplayer map that had the Hovership vehicle and a killing ocean, the player could fall in the ocean from the Hovership and, while dying, press Triangle to get on the vehicle, then they could go through walls when jumping or charge booting onto them. This also made the Charge Boots faster in PAL versions of the game since they are normally slower than in NTSC versions. It was very useful in destroying the opponent's base.
  • Easy "Paradox ERR" text: Create a new game in any slot you want (be aware that you aren't deleting an important save file.). When the cutscene begins, quit your memory card from your PS2, and skip the cinematic. After pressing X in the "Missing Memory Card" screen and beginning the gameplay, put your memory card in the console again and load the slot used (you will see that it says that you are in Veldin). The text that said 'Veldin' at the end of the previous loading screen will now say 'Paradox ERR'. It looks like no more glitches will happen by doing this.

Ratchet: Deadlocked

  • Go to the Catacrom Four burial ground in multiplayer mode (online or local) and visit the Hoverbikes. You will see a rock wall that you can jump on. Get on a Hoverbike and very carefully, jump on it. There are two ways to do this:
Closest to the fence is a low rock wall. Drive up to it and turn around so that your back is to the fence. Now jump sideways onto the rock wall (but not over it). This is easier at first, but is actually more difficult in the long run. Now jump along the wall (carefully) until you cannot go further, even though you should. This is because of an invisible barrier.
The fastest way to the barrier is to go to your right from the Hoverbike pad. There should be a hill next to the wall. Jump from the hill to the wall with caution.

Now this part is crucial and can be very tricky without experience. You must turn your bike so that it is parallel with the invisible wall. It doesn't matter which way you face but it is easiest if your bike is halfway on the lighter colored rock while the other half is on the darker colored rock, making Ratchet right on the crack in between. Drive your bike against the wall, and press Triangle to get out. Hopefully you will have reappeared on top of the wall, past the barrier. Now you can walk along the 'wall' and have fun.

  • In Sarathos, on alien soil, if you hack only one orb and then regroup, swarmers will come non-stop until two indestructible swarmers come out. The only way to continue is to hack the last orb. This will only occur once you have killed roughly 450 swarmers.
  • There is a broken wall in Catacrom Four; when you carefully position it to be on the wall, it will fly for a long distance.
  • A very weird glitch can happened with the Executioners. They will shoot very fast, as soon as they rise their wrench.

HD Version:

  • In-game cutscenes suffer from graphical ailments, including:
    • Improper camera zooming, causing it to clip through Ratchet's face.
    • Gleeman Vox's upper teeth showing through his upper lip.
    • Jagged movements, such as the tilting of the room Dallas and Juanita report from.
  • The game is prone to locking up to a black screen while maintaining non-looping in-game sound effects. These circumstances require a system restart.
  • The game's multiplayer suffers significant instability issues that can cause the game to lock up, especially if playing online.
    • Local Multiplayer only supports two-player split-screen, despite still having unusable slots for players three and four.

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

  • There is a way to get to the Hangar Exterior (boss area in Challax) through a teleporter that was carelessly left in the game's coding. Take your ship to Challax, it's probably better if you plan ahead, and commit suicide off the planet's surface. A new teleporter that says "Return to the Hangar Exterior" will be there. When you teleport to the Hangar Exterior, you begin to re-materialize there, but the game will stop loading.
  • In the High Impact Games Treehouse, if Ratchet acquires the Miniturret Glove (CUT), then performs a Hyper-Strike from the second floor down to the first, Ratchet will still have the Miniturret Glove, but the weapon will spawn again.
  • In the High Impact Games Treehouse, if you use the Sprout-O-Matic, the game will freeze (PSP version).
  • Once Ratchet enters the Technomite City by the Technomite Hover Car|Mini-Hover Car, he can go down the elevator. Once he goes down the elevator, he must walk to the left of the entrance leading out the elevator. He will see an uneven path that will look like it can be walked up by his Gravity Boots. If he walks up it for a while, his armor will slowly start to fly off. If you immediately pause the game, then select 'armor', you will see Ratchet, but with his tail flying in the air where it is supposed to be, but his head, armor pieces, helmet, and arms in the wrong place. If you unpause, his armor will slide back on the proper way.
  • In the Dreamtime, when you reach the end with giant Clank, giant Clank may not always fight and will just walk in the same spot; if this is unlucky enough to happen, you will have to load the game again.
  • Also in Dreamtime, after the taxi scene, if you walk into Clank's Apartment and shoot the Sniper Mine into the room, it will grow to almost 10 times wider than Ratchet, and two times larger.
  • On Metalis, if you enter the Clank challenge and quit, your bolt multiplier will increase. This can be done multiple times.
  • Free Concussion Gun: If you do not buy the concussion gun, when at Medical Outpost Omega you will receive it for free. Apparently, the game assumes you've already bought it, therefor will be somewhere on your way out and you are able to collect it without paying for it. Unfortunately, this only works in the Wikipedia:PlayStation Portable|PlayStation Portable version.
  • If you are inside Clank's head and you use the "Climb High Impact Games Treehouse" Cheat, Clank will be already in Ratchet's back. But this have consequences as If you try to keep up going in story mode, going to Dayni Moon will not work, as there is no teleporter to the boss circle and if you go to the part where Ratchet runs away from Luna in Plane, the cinematic will not trigger. There is no way to go back inside Clank again and you will be stuck in that level, needing to start a new game. Currently there is no way to fix this glitch thereafter occurring, besides having a backup save in which the glitch did not occurred yet.
  • On planet Metalis when you die in Clank's part of the mission, outside the arena it will say 'enter ship' for a split second. If you keep tapping the triangle button while dying as Clank, you will not be able to move. A way to fix this is to quit and load the game up again.
  • There is a glitch to carry the Shrink Ray anywhere in your hand. Firstly, you have to go to Quodrona. In the room where the floor fell, which had Ratchet Clones, Ratchet dummies and screens of Otto's eyes, you have to change to the Old School suit and use the Shrink Ray while you are about to be attacked. After your death, you will respawn at the last continue point with the Shrink Ray in your hand. You can still use the Wrench and a weapon/gadget in another quick select slot. You can change weapons by selecting one when having the Shrink Ray in your hand. Be careful, as selecting another one while having the already equipped weapon will make the Shrink Ray disappear.
  • Using the super jump glitch technique in Ryllus allows Ratchet to enter Clank's section of the game. This has some consequences however:
    • Pressing the button at the end of level will not trigger any cutscene, and the stone idol at the end of the section cannot be opened and the player has to load a save file.
    • Landing before the stone idol section and triggering a checkpoint will cause Ratchet to be stuck in the section forever. There is; however, a way to get out: First the player needs to go to the start of the level and up on the elevator, then on the corridor with the 2 buttons, jump over the left wall. Afterwards, Ratchet should glide and land over the entrance to Clank's section, and must jump on top of the planet map room and glide outside it, onto the level (then save the game). If the Sprout-o-Matic is not acquired, Ratchet will receive it when entering Dreamtime.
  • Using the super jump glitch in Kalidon allows the player to skip the entire level. If this is done, the Shrink Ray is automatically given to Ratchet as he enters Dreamtime.
  • Using the super jump glitch in Dayni Moon allows Ratchet to reach the boss without doing the level.
  • It's possible to skip the tutorial in Pokitaru: First Ratchet needs to double jump onto the small ledge on the rock near the 3 bolt crates, then jump on the rock above it. Afterwards, Ratchet must glide and land on top of the hut. After hyper-striking over the hut, Ratchet will be stuck inside it. Hyper-striking out it 2 more times will trigger the checkpoint after it, and effectively skipping the tutorial.
  • Going over the Medical Outpost is possible. To do this, Ratchet must trigger the alarm in the first room, jump over the crates before the door at the alarmed room, and jump towards the wall over it. Ratchet should have successfully phased through the wall and can now walk over it. In the room with the first Clank freezing robot section, the player must glide onto the second Clank robot section, and hyper-strike near the wall to get the Titanium bolt and go back inside the level. If the Titanium bolt is not present, Ratchet must go over the robot and press Triangle and continue the level as normal. WARNING: Weapons that are not collected from the medical outpost cannot be recovered again until the player enters the outpost through Challenge Mode.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

  • Ratchet may on extremely rare circumstances not correctly enter free fall mode and can be controlled as if he has landed on the ground. This can be abused to glide to places not easily available.
  • Ratchet can reach the space station without paying the Smuggler any souls. You need to go to the teleport next to the Smuggler, then jump off and glide. You will not fall into space if you glide. Then Ratchet will see the Sigma-3 Maintenance Hub (The Grav-ramp section), he will need to land on the hovering circle - where Ratchet starts the grav-ramp section if he uses the shuttle. You will get shot by turrets (Put there by Insomniac so you cannot execute this glitch), but if you at least go near the hovering circle (a high level of Nanotech|health is needed to reach there without dying via turrets), Ratchet will respawn on the circle, free of turrets. Now he can continue with the level. However, it is extremely unlikely to successfully execute this glitch unless you have a lot of health, e.g. in challenge mode. Even if you manage to survive the turrets though, they will continue to shoot at you even on the cube until you are dead.
  • You go to Fastoon and battle the Cragmites. Eventually you come to the point where you have to turn the screw; you will sometimes fall through the air vents between the buttons that you press to activate the bolt when you do a Hyper-strike. You may notice that as you fall though the area, you can see where the boss battle is going to happen.
  • On Metropolis, when you are at the place before the big room there are 2 gates. If you go to the left side you eventually go through the ground. Then you can ride on the last grind rail. Tachyon will still shoot at you but you cannot see him so just go from left to right. you will come at the place with the cutscene and then you go to Cobalia.
  • Ratchet can reach the Court of Azimuth on Fastoon on the first visit (in challenge mode only). To do this, get the Razor Claws|Razor/Shredder Claws and go to the unreachable rubble that looks like stairs (where the bridge is in the second visit), then Razor Claw over. You should be in the area that supposed to be only in the second visit, and the door where Cronk, Zephyr, and Talwyn go through will be open. Keep going and you should be inside the Court of Azimuth, but no roof or walls. You can see some buildings made by the Lombaxes. Go to the east side of the Court using the Shredder technique above, and glide down. You should see a giant purple ball-The place where you defeat Emperor Tachyon, where you can fly around in. Also, if you decide to return to the main path of the level, the frame rate of the game will noticeably drop for some reason.
  • You can become invincible in the Imperial Fight Festival in the event Introducing Crushto. Get Crushto to very low health (one shot from the Alpha Cannon/Alpha Disruptor|Disruptor); when he starts to suck you up, allow him to suck you in but before you enter his mouth, shoot the Alpha Cannon/Disruptor. If done correctly, Crushto will be defeated but you will float around near his mouth. Then enter a different event where you should be invincible to all attacks. This glitch works in the Australian and Greatest Hits versions of the game. This video shows the action of this glitch.
  • In any Zorthan boss battle, you can defeat him easily by turning around and gliding onto one of the pillars stick out. If done correctly, you will glide for a while and when Zorthan goes after you, he lands in the lava and dies immediately.
  • During 'tag team' as soon as Zorthan gets out or does his taunt, throw a Groovitron and he'll will either magnetize to the wall or float above you after his dance. He will only attack in mid-air so his attacks (except for the laser shot) will not hit.
  • In tag team, drain Zorthan to very low health to kill him with the wrench. When you fight Crushto, Zorthan will still be fighting but he'll be invincible even after the fight is over, but not in the next.
  • On the Mukow Ferris wheel, jump onto the platform in front of you with the steps, turn right where you should see a raised platform ahead. Jump onto one of the rocks sticking out the platform wall, use it as a boost to jump over the rail and into a grassy patch. Turn left from here where you should see a steel block sticking out the ferris wheel; jump on it then off the edge facing the water. Immediately activate your Heli-Pack from this point, turn around where you should see a grassy patch underneath the ferris wheel. Glide towards it; once you land you will see several openings in front of you. Walk through the biggest one on the right. You should now be underneath the platform to get on the ferris wheel, but you can now look through the roof. To exit, just double-jump and you should be back on top of the platform.
  • On Sargasso when Ratchet gets the Decryptor, when he first gets it he will have it equipped and if you equip another weapon if you press Triangle the Decryptor will come back, but if you make it so the Decryptor is not one of your 2 switchable weapons, it will go away.
  • In the Portuguese version of the game, after the fight with Cragmites after the bridge in planet Fastoon, the in-level movie will play in Spanish, but the subtitles are still Portuguese.
  • If you break the chest with the raritanium and the RYNO IV holo-plan on Ardolis, Ratchet may not take  it immediately. He will take the holo-plan at a later part of the level and you will be teleported back to the place where Ratchet had to take it. The same glitch applies to Gold Bolts and other Holo-Plans, but is less frequent.
  • Sometimes if you do not pause the game, press the PlayStation button and press the Triangle button to remove the disk, the PlayStation 3 will not be sent to the main screen and instead after the PlayStation button is pressed again you will be playing a glitchy version of Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. The gameplay is not affected; however, doing a specific command such as pausing the game, accessing a vendor, or entering your ship will crash the console.
  • Exploiting the 'disk removal' glitch can help you get the RYNO lV without the holoplans. Before removing the disk from your PlayStation 3, go to any planet where the Smuggler is present (Rykan V is the best option) and remove the disk, after that, kill Ratchet and wait to Ratchet to reappear, then go see the Smuggler and the RYNO IV will respawn in front of him and you will be able to take it (you can repeat this glitch as many times as possible). You can even use this glitch after the first cutscene you meet The Smuggler in Cobalia. (Found by OmegaBlacky on YouTube).
  • The digital version of the game suffers from random crashes.
  • Whenever you defeat enemies on an elevator, when it goes, all of the parts from the enemies will not go down with it and they will remain floating in the air.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

  • You can flood Hoolefar Island by moving the camera in the water. You must put the camera in the water a little bit and you must be on the surface.
  • You can climb up the glass side on the wind turbines; to do this, go next to it and jump where you will be on the glass side.

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

  • Unfortunately, some physical copies of the game suffer from lagging, pixelated graphics, freezes, and even losses of signal midway through the story mode or during the cutscene where Clank goes back in time to prevent Ratchet's death.
    • This is a relatively minor yet annoying glitch that might be caused by a problem with the game's coding or a problem with the disc, such as a scratch or a pirated copy. Currently, there is no way to resolve this.
  • You can use your Hoverboots to a technique called 'hover jumping'. When you are going to a wall that is 'sided', you can hover on it. To do it, first hold X and then when the noise gets louder, keep pressing X and you will jump. Keep doing that and you will reach unreachable platforms.
  • Extra Height: Double jump, press X again then a hyper-strike to get an extra high jump.
  • When facing Azimuth after dying (when a GrummelNet vendor becomes available), one can use the Plasma Striker/Plasma Slayer to halve his health without actually "fighting" him. To do this, you must simply fire at him from the Orvus Chamber entrance. This will cause the game to think that you are fighting him, and he will begin to attack you, though the energy bolts he fires at you will be the only attack that can hit you from there. Continue firing at him until you manage to take away half of his health, using the vendor next to you as a constant supply of ammunition (given that you have enough bolts to afford it for the entire segment). The cutscene that plays when you halve his health will interrupt this glitch, leaving you to actively fight the rest of the battle, with a preferable amount of health and ammunition to finish the job. This can prove to be moderately effective, especially if the player is lacking the power of the RYNO V.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

  • The Nefarious's Claws glitch is a glitch that replaces the Annihilator Blades with Nefarious's claws as his melee weapon, this glitch sometimes happens when switching back to basic melee as Nefarious. When Nefarious attacks he will be attacking with his claws and when he uses the Comet-Strike the blade will be invisible.
  • There are many glitches when playing online such as randomly dying sometimes or not being able to revive another player

Ratchet & Clank Collection

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando

  • In Grelbin, when attacked by a large group of enemies (Example: a large amount of Y.E.T.I.s and Arctic Leviathans) the attack of Y.E.T.I..'s and Leviathan's freezing ray would glicth the game, making Ratchet invisible and at the same time invincible until his death or planet traveling. This glitch made only the helmet, Ratchet's belt colectibles, his boots and wrench visible. If using a skin (like Snowdude), his helmet and boots disappear too. Also if using the Charge Boots, the blue fire will disappear.
  • When you are at the Insomniac Museum they are three vehicles Ratchet can drive. One of the vehicles, a taxi, is invisible and can still be driven. 
  • On the Wikipedia:PlayStation Vita|PlayStation Vita version of the game, there is a major glitch in where the game crashes at every check-point, which are normally every 15–20 minutes.[2]
    • The glitch only seems to affect physical copies of the game, however.[3]

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

  • The quick select screen can have a major bug; if you go into a multiplayer match, quit the match, and then start a single player game from scratch, if you attempt to bring up the quick select, the game will not pause, even with the Time Freeze cheat enabled. If you do this, you can never pause while using the quick select on that save file. Unfortunately, this glitch cannot be fixed.
    • It's possible that some of the Multiplayer mechanics carry on to the new save file (Quick select doesn't pause the game in Multiplayer Mode, either), thus causing the glitch.
  • If one uses a code within Debug Mode that unlocks all weapons on any save slot after Save Slot 2 (Save Slots 3, 4, etc.), a game-breaking bug can occur after completing "Path of Death"; the game will inconveniently skip all the way to where you would have to infiltrate Nefarious's base on planet Aquatos, making Marcadia and Annihilation Nation inaccessible. After completing all missions on Daxx, you will have to "return" to Annihilation Nation to meet up with Courtney Gears, however since you can't go there, the game will be impossible to complete.
    • As long as at least 1 corrupted file is still present, creating more save files or starting Challenge Mode on an already existing save file will result in the glitch spreading to those files.

There are 2 ways to revert this glitch. One way is to delete all corrupted save files from your Saved Data Utility. Another way is to perform a code within Debug Mode that unlocks all missions and locations in the game right before making it to or completing "Path of Death."; anytime later than that and the game will crash. The code is a temporary fix, but it doesn’t exactly resolve the glitch since the save file is still corrupted.

To prevent this glitch, try not to use Debug Mode when starting a new game (if absolutely necessary, use after unlocking Annihilation Nation).

"Paradox ERR"

Paradox ERR is an error message that appears in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. The string is printed when another message/string is unavailable.

Some numerous appearances of Paradox ERR in this game include:

  • Paradox ERR after beating the Biobliterator.
  • Unknown Paradox ERR on Marcadia. Found once.
  • Paradox ERR after talking to Al in the Laser Defense Grid in UYA beta (Ver. 1106.0)
  • Paradox ERRs where there should be "time" and "tokens" after a vid-comic play in UYA beta (Ver. 1106.0)

The term Paradox has been used to signify a missing message/string since RC1. An example being names and descriptions of hacked weapons being displayed as "Paradox: This message does not exist"

  • A major bug can occur with the Vortex Cannon; it makes it and possibly the Mega Vortex Cannon unusable. It can possibly occur when the player purchases the Infernox Armor after upgrading the Suck Cannon to the Vortex Cannon. When you go into the weapons menu, the Infernox armor's icon will be where the Vortex Cannon's should be. Its info says its power is 0, has 12 units of ammo out 0, and says its name is "Paradox ERR." The Paradox ERR weapon is unable to be used (and it may even crash the game on an attempt to equip it), rendering the player unable to get (if not already obtained) the skill point "Suck It Up", the in-game [Omega Arsenal Trophy", "Omega Man", the "Suck it up!", and the "Hero of the Galaxy" platinum trophy. The same can also happen to the Disc Blade Gun. A cure has been found for the broken weapons, which uses the debug mode accidentally left in the game. Debug mode is activated only by imputing a code, and when activated the player can select a weapon and add it or remove it from his/her inventory. In this situation, the glitched Vortex Cannon or Disc Blade Gun can be deleted from the inventory, in a way that makes the game thinks you never bought it and thus reverting the glitch. A video showing how to access debug mode and select weapons can be accessed here. In a video by GoldReview one of the weapons is named Biker Helm which might be recycled from Going Commando.

Ratchet & Clank (PS4)


  • By defeating the first two Hydroharvesters and then reducing the last one to its last health, and then crashing into it and destroying yourself the game will play the scene that follows as if you have finished the task, giving you the Thruster-Pack even though you have not defeated the Hydroharvesters. Additionally, this causes the water to no longer be a swimming area and jumping into it allows you to walk around on the ocean floor (Sharkigators will ignore you since you are not swimming), which will lead to your death if you go beyond the swimming boundaries. Dying at this point will take you back to the battle with the Hydroharvesters, as that is where the last checkpoint was located.
  • You can go out of bounds by using the Hologuise at the island with the raritanium vein at the outskirts of the map. Use the Hologuise and walk into the water were there is a smooth transition, walking off a steep transition will disable the Hologuise and you'll be swimming again. Using this glitch, you can walk underwater and the sharks near by won't attack you. You can then reach the island that are normally unreachable due to the sharks, most of the islands have collision and you can walk or swim all the way to the edge of the map where the water film ends. This takes awhile, so it's recommended to change your speed at the cheats menu to go faster. At the edge of the map, you can dive into the water and swim out of the water film. After getting enough height, you can then swim back over the water film to start swimming in the air. If you don't have enough height, you'll fall back down. You can then swim all the way back to the main area of the level and explore the place higher up, you still got to be careful to not dive down too close to the water below or you'll end up falling back down.

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