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Buccaneers were grog-guzzling enemies that kept it classy with a saber in hand, aiming to chop up Ratchet into sizable portions. They were members of Captain Slag's crew of space pirates and aided him in plundering ships, cities and planets. Although they had to get close in order to inflict damage, their massive swords took a major chunk from Ratchet's health meter if they connected.


It is recommended to attack them with steady, long-range firepower in order to prevent them from advancing on Ratchet.

Club Buccaneer

Club Buccaneers were Buccaneers who used spiked clubs, but there was nothing special about them. In PlayStation Move Heroes, they were colored yellow and could perform a special lunging attack.

Axe Buccaneers

Axe Buccaneers were Buccaneers who used axes, but there was nothing special about them. In PlayStation Move Heroes, they were colored grey and could do a swiping attack.

Hardy Buccaneers

TaunterMain article: Hardy Buccaneer

Hardy Buccaneers were Buccaneers who wielded shields. These shields could be destroyed with a whip attack.

Elite Buccaneers

TaunterMain article: Elite Buccaneer

Elite Buccaneers were upgraded Buccaneers who had stronger armor. In PlayStation Move Heroes, they were colored red and wielded two cutlasses.

Buccaneers in Turrets

In all of the pirate levels, a Buccaneer would usually pilot a turret. If the Buccaneer was defeated, the turret could be used by Ratchet.

Captain Darkwater

TaunterMain article: Captain Darkwater

Captain Darkwater was a space pirate who had the appearance of a Buccaneer and wielded a sword and a gun.


  • If Ratchet attacked a Buccaneer with the Wrench, they would swear "Watch where you are swinging that thing; almost had me bloody head off!."
  • Buccaneers appeared as small enemies in PlayStation Home Firing Range (present).



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