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Does anyone else feel like we should have shot something by now?
―Brax  [R&C (movie)]

Brax Lectrus was a member of the Galactic Rangers, alongside Qwark, Elaris, Cora, Ratchet, and Clank. He was the brawn of the team. He had a statue that appeared outside the Hall of Heroes in honor of his heroic deeds as a Ranger. He became a Galactic Ranger after winning a DreadZone challenge called "Grapplemania."[1]


Pre-Ratchet & Clank (PS4)


Brax's cadet photo

After winning a Dreadzone challenge the "Grapplemania" this accomplishment caught the eyes of Captain Qwark and he gave Brax the chance to become a ranger which he gladly accepted. In his earlier years as a Ranger he had hair which was a red afro and sported 80's disco attire when he took his first cadet photo which years later regretted this.

Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

Brax visited planet Veldin with Qwark and Cora in order to help setting up the tryouts for a new Galactic Ranger recruit. Ratchet passed these trials with ease, but after Brax read over Ratchet's criminal past, it gave Qwark more reasons to reject Ratchet. Later, in Aleero City, on planet Kerwan, Brax and the other rangers were saved by Ratchet and his new companion, Clank. After saving the city from a near explosion, Brax met Ratchet and Clank at the Hall of Heroes, where he introduced Clank to Elaris and took Ratchet to get his new Protosuit. Outside The Hall of Heroes, Brax introduced Ratchet to the Captain Qwark Fitness Course. Later, on planet Quartu, Brax showed up to assist Ratchet and Cora but was ambushed and shot down by a large security robot, Mrs. Zurkon. He took no major damage from the blast. He helped the other Rangers attempt to stop the Deplanetiser from obliterating Novalis, but to no avail. During the second assault on the Deplanetiser, Brax used Mag-Boosters to steer the Deplanetiser off course, causing it to destroy New Quartu instead of Umbris.

Character Details


Although his species is unknown, he appears reptilian and has scales on the back of his head. He also has two purple spikes on each of his shoulders (four in his elite armor), and more on the back of his head. He is roughly the same height as Qwark.


He is gruff but warm to his allies. He is not very well spoken but is confident. He is also competitive and feels the need to one up those around him. He loves to talk about the fights he has participated in.[2]

Powers, abilities, and skills

Brax was the muscle of the Rangers.[2] He also has super strength shown when he beat a warbot with one punch and even had enough strength to throw one. Brax is quite durable as he was able to take a hit from a powerful big gunshot from Mrs. Zurkon. Brax's choice weapon was the Combuster.



Notes and references

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