For the character encountered at Nebula G34, see Blarg Scientist.
You collect brains as a hobby? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you're single.
Ratchet, to the Brain Scientist  [R&C (PS4)]

The Brain Scientist was one of Drek's scientists who took a liking interest to Ratchet and Clank when they met on Gaspar. Although his hobbies include helping Chairman Drek terrorize the Solana Galaxy, his real passion was amateur neuroscience.


Pre-Ratchet & Clank

He collected Telepathopus brains in the dangerous large fields of Gaspar, but began using Ratchet and Clank to do it for him, bribing them with a Jet Pack, an Infobot, and bolts.

Meeting Ratchet and Clank

He claimed he wanted the brains to contribute to the good of the Blarg but this was a lie his true intentions was to create an army to get revenge on those stealing his food out of the company fridge.

As an excuse not to go back out and help the duo collect brains he lied again and told Ratchet that his doctor told him he had a bad case of "cowfinger" claiming he should only stand in one place.

The Telepathopus Army is Complete

After Ratchet & Clank collected all the brains for the Scientist he provided Ratchet with the Buzz Blades and went on with his plan to get revenge on his co-workers with his new Telepathopus army with Ratchet and Clank still having no knowledge of his true selfish intents.

Behind the Scenes

Artwork Character Brain Scientist

Brain Scientist concept art

  • Richard Horvitz provided the voice of the Blarg Brain Scientist.
  • In the early 2015 e3 demo the Brain Scientist speaks in a different tone than he does in the final version when communicating with Ratchet & Clank while they are out in the fields collecting the Brains.[2]
  • On Nebula in the Snagglebeast testing facility and the weapons testing area on Kalebo III you can notice multiple clone models of the Brain Scientist.
  • The Brain Scientist design appears to be based on another blarg character, Stanley from the movie.[3]




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