Both Bouncer enemies

Small Bouncer bg

A Small Bouncer

Bouncers were minions of the Creature Collector, led by Commander Spog. The Bouncer Minion's retracted form did not look very fearsome; however, approaching one caused it to change into its deadly second form, which was able to slam the heroes with an almighty blow.

They appear to have been built to corral large an aggressive alien fauna, as one Bouncer Minion attempted (but failed) to shove a Grungoth into a container for transport to a secure pen elsewhere.


Small Bouncer

Small Bouncers were the weaker of the two Bouncers, they hovered and had one small eye and two pincers on each small arm. They transformed into Large Bouncers when left alone for some time.

Large Bouncer

Large bouncer

A large Bouncer

Large Bouncers are stronger than normal Bouncers and have a lot of differences, including size. Small Bouncers transformed into their larger counterparts after time passed.


There are a two ideal ways to defeat a Bouncer Minion - keep your distance and keep overloading it, or give it a beating with the Blitzers, but beware- both methods are very ammo-expensive.

Behind the scenes

  • CreatureBox's art of the Bouncer Minion referred to this minion as the Brawler Minion.