The Bouncer was a weapon which a large bombs which released a bunch of homing bombs upon explosion. It was a pre-order bonus for Ratchet & Clank (PS4). After the use of the code provided in the game box, it was acquired via a Gadgetron vendor on planet Novalis for a minuscule 100 bolts.

The bomblets released from the Bouncer had a tendency to float and home through the air to reach a target, or upon hitting a floor, wall, or another surface, the bomblet would clip through and become stuck, causing it to shake very rapidly while making the bouncing sound. Usually, while bomblets are in this state, they will simply "swim" through the surface to reach an enemy.

The Bouncer upgraded to the Heavy Bouncer. The Heavy Bouncer's bomblets would detonate a part of their payload upon contact with the ground or other inert surfaces while still moving towards enemies.

The Bouncer is single-handedly the most powerful weapon in the game to be acquired early on and, in some instances, is stronger than the RYNO, due to its accuracy. Its high bomblet yield can quickly dispatch a screen full of enemies in a single shot, and, if fired at the right angle, the weapon can even kill a telepathopus in one shot.


  • The Bouncer is impossible to obtain after the release of Ratchet & Clank (PS4) unless you obtain an unused pre-order code from someone who pre-ordered the game.

Weapon summaries

Launch an Omni-grenade that releases a bundle of Magnebouncers that are drawn towards enemies.
―Weapon description  [R&C (PS4)]
Can be upgraded to a Heavy Bouncer, which is kind of redundant when you think about it.
Holocard description  [R&C (PS4)]


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