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The Bouncer is a weapon manufactured by MegaCorp in Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal. It launches a large bomb, which in turn launches smaller bomblets upon explosion.

The Bouncer can be upgraded to the Heavy Bouncer with use. In challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Mega Heavy Bouncer.


Going Commando

The Bouncer could be purchased from any vendor for 100,000 bolts upon reaching Tabora. It could be upgraded to the Heavy Bouncer with use. In challenge mode, it could be upgraded to the Mega Heavy Bouncer for 350,000 bolts from any MegaCorp vendor.

Up Your Arsenal

The Bouncer became available from Slim Cognito in Aquatos upon reaching the Thran Asteroid. It could be purchased from him for 150,000 bolts, or acquired for free if the player had a Going Commando save file. As in Going Commando, it could be upgraded to the Heavy Bouncer with use. In challenge mode, it could be upgraded to the Mega Heavy Bouncer for 740,000 bolts from any Gadgetron vendor, and upgraded further with use.


While the Bouncer did not chronologically reappear, many weapons from other manufacturers that followed it also launched miniature bomblets after the first initial explosion from their bombs. The mini-bomb mod in Deadlocked allowed this functionality to be used by any weapon. The Fusion Bomb in Tools of Destruction also contained miniature bomblets, known as "Intelli-Seeking Pyrocidic Nitroballs". Furthermore, A Crack in Time featured a Barrel Upgrade for the Constructo Bomb which could launch miniature bomblets.


The Bouncer is a blue rifle with orange highlights. It has a large nozzle from which the bombs are launched. The Heavy Bouncer is slightly longer, and becomes black with a few yellow highlights.

The bombs launched bounce slightly before launching many bomblets which bounce multiple times before finding their targets. They differ slightly in appearance between Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal.


The Bouncer's first explosion and its bomblets are useful both against large mobs of enemies and larger enemies, as the sheer number of bomblets can hit multiple targets or focus on a single one. This makes the Bouncer a very powerful and still versatile weapon. Its primary weakness, however, is that its range is limited, and it cannot easily be aimed at flying enemies, or enemies on higher ledges. Aside from this, it is extremely useful in many circumstances.

The Heavy Bouncer does not function differently from the normal Bouncer, it simply deals more damage. In Going Commando, the weapon can be modified with the acid mod or the lock-on mod. The latter serves little use for players, while the former can add greater to the damage of the weapon by applying damage over time. As the Bouncer is a very useful weapon, and its spread of bomblets allow the acid effect to affect multiple enemies, players may opt to prioritise purchasing this mod for the weapon.

Behind the scenes

In PlayStation Move Heroes, the Bouncer appears as a weapon for Ratchet. Its bombs explode on contact with an enemy and doesn't release bomblets.