Bomber Nanophyte

A Bomber Nanophyte.

Bomber Nanophytes were the advanced creatures of the Nanophyte scavengers. Much more deadly than their brethren, the Bomber Nanophytes tossed powerful, noxious grenades that caused major damage if they made contact. Uncaring toward their own kind, they often stood back and relentlessly tossed grenades toward Ratchet, even if it meant taking out a few of their own on the front line. If Ratchet got too near to them at the wrong time, the Bomber could simply chuck the grenade at him from point-blank range, as if it was a melee weapon. They are always found in pairs (unless they arriving from a Nanophyte Launcher) which gives them an advantage as while one Bomber Nanophyte reloads, the other is chucking a Bomb at Ratchet. These bombs are most likely leftover Lombax grenades, though it's possible the Nanophyte make them themselves.


  • Bomber Nanophytes always laugh before chucking grenades.